Friday, July 1, 2016

How Sewer Cleaning Tools Help Cities Rapidly Address Sewage Spills

There are definitely many perks of living in cities. They’re not only the nerve center of commerce, they’re also the melting pot of art and culture. As city councils know, however, running a city is far from easy, especially when it comes to maintaining the health of its residents. One of the biggest threat to this are raw sewage spills, which usually occur when the sewers are clogged. Unfortunately, sewer overflows are rather a common in cities. A huge factor is the nature of cities themselves. In fact, they’re rightfully called “concrete jungles” because most cities have very few green spaces that can absorb extra water from snow, rain, or storms. Water that hits the pavement usually drains straight into the sewers, which is why there are regular overflows. This problem is further compounded when the sewers are clogged, limiting the ability of water to pass freely.