Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How Mechanized Street Sweepers Work

If you look at mechanized street sweepers, they somewhat seem too “ordinary”. To the average observer, they only seem to be trucks fitted with brooms that rotate nonstop.

However, mechanized street sweepers are in fact technological marvels underneath their average appearances. There are two main types of sweepers: the wet and dry ones. Wet sweepers are equipped with large water tanks and sprayers intended to loosen caked dirt, while the dry variants sport specialized brooms.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

City Officials can Consider Getting a Used Street Sweeper to Cut Costs

While it’s reassuring to see a city government value its employees, officials still have to deal with the huge costs of keeping Burbank’s streets clean. Rather than work with cleaning contractors, it may be a better idea for them to purchase a used street sweeper from a reputable seller like Haaker Equipment Company. After all, a used utility vehicle has the same features and benefits provided by a brand-new model, albeit without the higher upfront costs. In addition, a used street sweeper won’t depreciate as fast as a new vehicle, thus preserving more value and giving Burbank officials their money’s worth. Of course, this is just one cost-cutting option available to them; they can also purchase a street sweeper that best suits their needs, considering that more-efficient sweepers incur lower costs in the long run.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Vactor Truck Rental Companies Make City Maintenance More Affordable

Purchasing a used utility vehicle is an excellent way to cut costs without cutting corners, but city officials can save even more money by working with Vactor truck rental companies like Haaker Equipment Company. Aside from incurring lower upfront costs, renting a vehicle gives buyers easy access to additional services that they’d normally have to cover for themselves, like maintenance and purchasing replacement parts. Applying for certain leases like an ”operating lease” allows them to save further by freeing them from liability in their balance sheets and letting them use their capital to pay for other expenses. It’s important for city officials, utility crews, independent contractors and other consumers to take advantage of these benefits since Vactor trucks are pricey vehicles. Take for instance the Vactor 2100 sewer cleaner, one of the best-selling units of Vactor Manufacturing, which uses a powerful vacuum that sucks out debris from sewer and freshwater pipes.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fighting Winter’s Effects on Sewage Systems

Roofs, siding, and roads typically take a beating when Old Man Winter arrives. Not a lot of people, however, are aware that cold weather can seriously affect sewage systems as well.

Septic systems are susceptible to freezing at wintertime, causing them to back up. Frozen septic systems not only hinder sewage flow, but they are also more likely to emit unpleasant odors.

Monday, December 1, 2014

A Used Street Sweeper Won’t Clean Out Your Budget

Street cleaning machines will cover city sidewalks, streets, and even airport runways in half the time it would take a team of manual sweepers. They are designed to clear the area of everything from scraps of litter to large pieces of garbage. Not all street sweepers are created equal, though, so here are some factors to consider before purchasing one.