Monday, December 1, 2014

A Used Street Sweeper Won’t Clean Out Your Budget

Street cleaning machines will cover city sidewalks, streets, and even airport runways in half the time it would take a team of manual sweepers. They are designed to clear the area of everything from scraps of litter to large pieces of garbage. Not all street sweepers are created equal, though, so here are some factors to consider before purchasing one.

New or used?
Only large corporations with equally large budgets typically buy new industrial cleaning equipment. Small- and medium-sized businesses favor used equipment because of the significant difference in price. This means the company can buy more used street sweeper vehicles with the same amount of investment. Operating more street sweepers leads to more efficiency if you’re running a cleaning business.

What kind of cleaner is best for your needs?
There are three types of street sweepers: The first is the mechanical type with the rotating broom underneath the vehicle. The second is the vacuum type, which is basically a large vacuum cleaner. Lastly, there is the regenerative air type, which blows air directly onto the surface and immediately sucks the particles that have been loosened initially. Both mechanical and vacuum sweepers have a lifespan average of five years, while the regenerative air sweeper can last up to 8 years.

Less Depreciation
Similar to an automobile, a new street sweeper depreciates the moment it leaves the dealership. Buying a used but well-maintained pre-owned street sweeper will save a lot in terms of depreciation value without sacrificing performance.


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