Monday, November 24, 2014

Four Examples of Sewer Cleaning Tools

Sewer cleaning may be a very dirty job, but it’s nonetheless a job that should be done right because public health depends on it. Therefore, it’s very important for workers to use the best sewer cleaning tools for the task at hand, if only to avoid getting contaminated with harmful substances. If they’re going to use a cleaning truck, workers must see to it that their vehicle is equipped with these tools, or at least their equivalents.

Rodders are a type of cable primarily used to push out blockages from sewer lines and water pipes, usually with the help of a tape rod. These cables are used by hand and are designed to work in tiny or cramped spaces. To deal with sludge, workers use sharpened rodding heads or cutters to remove the blockage bit by bit. However, rodders aren’t enough to remove large, solid obstructions, which is why sewer cleaning experts have to use water jetters to eliminate the blockage using large volumes of pressurized water.

This equipment is often used in tandem with vacuum machines which suck out the debris and refuse once they’re softened up by the jetters. Heavy-duty sewer cleaning trucks have jetters and vacuum cleaners as standard equipment, though they also come as separate machines for sewer cleaners looking for more compact tools.


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