Monday, December 30, 2013

Detect Blockages with Sewer Inspection Equipment

Sewer systems are critical to all municipalities, and citizens have their local sewage company to thank for proper drainage flow. Over time, however, sewers may develop problems, causing a backup, which can pose health risks to the community.

A backup is due to numerous reasons, and one of them is tree roots. With the invasion of tree roots in pipes, property owners may experience disrupted water flow and gradual pipe damage. The backup may also contaminate the water supply with debris and other organic material.

Using professional sewer inspection equipment is key to finding the primary cause of the problem. With the right equipment, property owners and contractors can detect the extent of the tree root intrusion as well as the degree of damage. This also allows one to create a comprehensive plan of action that targets the backup and prevents future problems.

Municipal, contractor, and industrial sectors use only the most reliable inspection equipment to ensure that problems with sewages are fully detected and resolved. As an additional tip, the use of copper sulphate can help get rid of the roots without killing the trees; however, if the tree roots have significantly damaged the sewer pipes, pipe replacement may be necessary.

Benefits of Street Sweeping

Street sweeping doesn't only beautify an area, but offers greater benefits like protecting people from danger. By being educated about the benefits of street sweeping, you make yourself more knowledgeable and aware about the safety that it offers.

Here are some benefits that come with street sweeping:

  • Prevents sewage problems – This is probably the main concern of street sweeping. Gutters accumulate debris on a day-to-day basis. When properly cleaned and maintained, gutters effectively prevent floods, sewer clogging, and a smoother water run-off.
  • Environmental – Another benefit of street sweeping is that it removes the particles and hazardous waste emitted by vehicles. These particles can combine with other debris and become unhealthy when ingested and mixed in the environment.
  • Safety to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists – Aside from being unsightly objects, construction and roadway debris can also be a cause of accidents. Pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists will have to swerve in order to avoid debris, and when this happens, may cause heavy injuries and damages to both vehicles and edifices.
  • Less damage to vehicles from road debris – Some debris on the road can cause damages to automobiles, and one of the most common is abrasion in the vehicle's finish. Furthermore, some items may also cause undercoating issues.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Why A Good Sewer System is Important

Believe it or not, sewers play a key role in keeping a community a livable place. Sewers are responsible for your home's wastewater disposal and sanitation concerns. Without a good, clean and working sewer, you may have to install and maintain a septic system which can be costly and time-consuming.

Sewers can help preserve water quality and make water safe for drinking. Unlike septic tanks and other rustic systems that can affect supply, a proper sewer system in place can control, treat and recycle wastewater, negating serious health problems that dirty water may pose.

Apart from wastewater management, sewers can also serve as disposal systems for rainwater and storm water runoff. When water enters a storm drain, it will be directed to the sewer system that prevents it from accumulating and causing urban flooding.

Furthermore, sanitary sewers in major cities prevent dirty water from contaminating the environment. They serve as a conduit to carry polluted water to sewage treatment plants for the removal of harmful waste before it is released again into the environment.

With sewers playing an important role, it is then necessary to have them cleaned so they can continue to function well for the sake of our environment.

Tips on Keeping Your Sewers Clean

When your home’s sewer system fails, you could be in for nothing less than a filthy, smelly mess — so it’s important that you always keep it clean and well-maintained. In some cases, you can hire reputable companies to rent you a vactor truck, but if you can’t afford to do this regularly, you can always try out one or two of these tips:

Screen Your Sinks

Educate yourself and your family about the proper use of your plumbing fixtures like the kitchen sink and toilet. Make sure that only human waste and water (some kitchen sinks are built with equipment that can dice and shred certain food items) goes through to the sewers, lest you will have a clog.

The Big Flush

At least once a week, fill every sink all the way to the brim with water. Then, having family members and friends help you out, simultaneously pull all the stoppers. This should fill all the pipes with water and pressure, washing away any obstructions or building clogs.

Cleanout Plug Flush

Should you have reason to believe that your sewage pipes are already blocked, look for the cleanout plugs for the pipes. Remove the plug and push a plumber’s snake down through it. The snake should clean the pipes’ sides and free them of obstructions.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Things You Need to Know about Sewer Inspection Equipment and Cameras

What you can find Throughout your inspection, you will see the insides of your sewer system through the eyes of the camera as it moves down the sewer line through other obstructions. Unless the clog renders the camera completely unable to proceed, it might even be able to continue through to the municipal line. Hire a Professional Don’t perform a sewer inspection on your own, since this can damage your pipes more instead of enabling their repair. Professional sewer inspectors, on the other hand, have the necessary skills, training and equipment to make sure that the project gets completed without a hitch. They also depend on specialty rental companies like Haaker to provide them professional rentals of efficient sewer inspection equipment. The proper sewer repair and maintenance can help keep your home safe from the dangers of a failed plumbing system. Thanks to the trusty sewer video cameras, you don’t have to practically dig out your entire backyard just to see what’s wro

In Need of a Vactor Truck Rental? Clogged vs. Broken Sewage System

Problem sewers can pose a health threat not only to you and your family, but also to everyone else in your property. When your sewer pipes act up, the problem could be that, either your pipes are clogged up, or are broken. Here are some tips to help you size up your sewer problem so you can decide whether to hire a Vactor truck sewer cleaning service, or call for repairs due to a broken or leaky pipe. Signs of Clogged Pipes Check the drains in your home; observe and listen to how the water drains. If there seems to be a loud gurgling noise coming from the pipes, you might have a leak on your hands, and you should have it repaired as soon as possible. Broken Pipes: Municipal Sources When water backs up in your toilet or shower drain, you might a have broken sewage pipe. You might want to check with your municipality or city maintenance whether or not your area is experiencing a community-wide sewer backup.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Sewer Nozzles and Other High-end Sewer Cleaning Equipment—Detecting Signs of Clogging and Preventing Backup

Aaron Stickley, and Guide, discusses the signs that a drain or sewer is clogged and explains how this issue can be serious for a homeowner like you. According to Stickley, a sure sign of clogging is when backup occurs in one or more of your plumbing fixtures e.g, the sink and the toilet. Depending on the degree of clogging, you can either rent equipment or hire experts to fix your sewer. Sewer cleanup can be difficult, especially if you don't have the proper equipment at home. Clogs that occur in pipelines beneath the soil are hard to detect. All you'll get is liquid backing up but not clues regarding the source. Companies like HAAKER Equipment Company provide all the tools and equipment necessary for eliminating plugs, including handy sewer nozzles and cameras.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Closer Look at the Functions of Sewer Cameras—Improving Sewer Inspection

Sewer Camera HQ discusses the use of sewer cameras in inspecting and fixing sewers and sewer pipes. The author explains that with the invention of sewer cameras, the costly conventional repair or replacement of sewer components has become much easier and more cost-effective. Most of these hi-tech sewer cameras have other uses besides viewing enclosed surfaces. "The normal process for identifying problem areas for home owners is to isolate areas between cleanouts. This is time consuming and will normally result in finding blockage instead of cracks or breaks. Of course if the pipes are exposed, they can be inspected externally making it very simple to find areas that will need to be repaired or replaced." However, uncovering the pipes is not an easy job as it requires digging and soiling.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cleaning is Hard Work So You Better Buy a Good Street Sweeper for Sale

One of the biggest benefits of street sweeping is that it keeps a city's drainage systems free from blockage and debris, thus minimizing the dangers of flooding once the heavy rains start falling. It is certainly a boon to the city's residents, considering not everyone has the means to locate a street sweeper for sale (let alone buy one) and keep their streets free from dirt and grime. Street sweepers like those sold by Haaker Equipment Company use a variety of tools to get the job done. For one, they use hoses that release streams of water and chemicals (like antiseptics) to wash away foul odors, as well as the dust and particulates that pollute roadways. This makes them useful for cleaning up the sites of auto accidents, specifically to remove shards of glass and tiny car parts that would otherwise be a danger to other motorists.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

You Won't Believe Some of the Things a Good Vactor Truck can Find in Sewers These Days

It's unfortunate that the authorities are forced to choose between them because regular sewer cleaning and maintenance are both important. Sewer lines that have been clogged are just as bad as a damaged sewer pipe because they disrupt the flow of the system. Grease, dirt buildup, and the occasional pest infestation can only be fixed with reliable sewer cleaning equipment, which is why some government units go as far as to work with a reliable Vactor truck rental company like Haaker Equipment. Cleaning trucks use a variety of technologies, from vacuum cleaning to hydro excavation, for the job. Even with this equipment, cleaning out plastic and paper products from sewer lines is still a difficult task.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Using the Proper Sewer Nozzles to Clean Sewer Systems Effectively

Sewage is a messy mix of storm water and various bits and pieces such as, leaves, twigs, garbage, and other small objects. When this filthy cocktail settles inside a sewer, it separates into three distinct layers: an upper layer of scum composed of light particulates, a middle layer of gray water composed of mixed liquids, and a sludge of heavier rubbish that collects at the bottom. Dealing with sewage can be a messy and difficult task. However, with the right equipment and tools, workers can efficiently deal with even the most stubborn of sludge deposits, saving them from having to manually scoop them out. Municipalities can purchase effective sewer cleaning tools from specialty retailers like Haaker Equipment, including high-powered vacuum trucks. Their heavy-duty Vactor sewer cleaners are built specifically for breaking down stubborn solid waste in sewer systems with jets of high pressure water, and then vacuum the sludge out into the trucks.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sewer Cameras and Other Sewer Inspection Equipment Take Aim at Wipes

In Bemus Point, New York, the problem became so bad that sewer officials came up with traps – basket strainers – in order to know where the wipes came from, and later mailed letters to the responsible homeowners to stop them from flushing these wipes. Lastly, the report said, “Wastewater officials agree that wipes, many of which are made from plastic, aren't the only culprits, but say their problems have escalated with the wipes market.” Underneath every home is a sewer that is responsible for taking waste water and solid waste out, but not everyone is aware of this and things like this are often taken for granted. There are different sewer cameras available that can be used to inspect the insides of sewer pipes to know where problems and damages are occurring. When the right sewer inspection equipment from companies like Haaker Equipment Company is used, any clogging problems can be diagnosed and remedied much more easily. Nobody wants to deal with these kinds of unpleasant job