Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sewer Cameras and Other Sewer Inspection Equipment Take Aim at Wipes

In Bemus Point, New York, the problem became so bad that sewer officials came up with traps – basket strainers – in order to know where the wipes came from, and later mailed letters to the responsible homeowners to stop them from flushing these wipes. Lastly, the report said, “Wastewater officials agree that wipes, many of which are made from plastic, aren't the only culprits, but say their problems have escalated with the wipes market.” Underneath every home is a sewer that is responsible for taking waste water and solid waste out, but not everyone is aware of this and things like this are often taken for granted. There are different sewer cameras available that can be used to inspect the insides of sewer pipes to know where problems and damages are occurring. When the right sewer inspection equipment from companies like Haaker Equipment Company is used, any clogging problems can be diagnosed and remedied much more easily. Nobody wants to deal with these kinds of unpleasant job


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