Monday, December 30, 2013

Detect Blockages with Sewer Inspection Equipment

Sewer systems are critical to all municipalities, and citizens have their local sewage company to thank for proper drainage flow. Over time, however, sewers may develop problems, causing a backup, which can pose health risks to the community.

A backup is due to numerous reasons, and one of them is tree roots. With the invasion of tree roots in pipes, property owners may experience disrupted water flow and gradual pipe damage. The backup may also contaminate the water supply with debris and other organic material.

Using professional sewer inspection equipment is key to finding the primary cause of the problem. With the right equipment, property owners and contractors can detect the extent of the tree root intrusion as well as the degree of damage. This also allows one to create a comprehensive plan of action that targets the backup and prevents future problems.

Municipal, contractor, and industrial sectors use only the most reliable inspection equipment to ensure that problems with sewages are fully detected and resolved. As an additional tip, the use of copper sulphate can help get rid of the roots without killing the trees; however, if the tree roots have significantly damaged the sewer pipes, pipe replacement may be necessary.


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