Friday, December 27, 2013

Why A Good Sewer System is Important

Believe it or not, sewers play a key role in keeping a community a livable place. Sewers are responsible for your home's wastewater disposal and sanitation concerns. Without a good, clean and working sewer, you may have to install and maintain a septic system which can be costly and time-consuming.

Sewers can help preserve water quality and make water safe for drinking. Unlike septic tanks and other rustic systems that can affect supply, a proper sewer system in place can control, treat and recycle wastewater, negating serious health problems that dirty water may pose.

Apart from wastewater management, sewers can also serve as disposal systems for rainwater and storm water runoff. When water enters a storm drain, it will be directed to the sewer system that prevents it from accumulating and causing urban flooding.

Furthermore, sanitary sewers in major cities prevent dirty water from contaminating the environment. They serve as a conduit to carry polluted water to sewage treatment plants for the removal of harmful waste before it is released again into the environment.

With sewers playing an important role, it is then necessary to have them cleaned so they can continue to function well for the sake of our environment.


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