Monday, December 2, 2013

Using the Proper Sewer Nozzles to Clean Sewer Systems Effectively

Sewage is a messy mix of storm water and various bits and pieces such as, leaves, twigs, garbage, and other small objects. When this filthy cocktail settles inside a sewer, it separates into three distinct layers: an upper layer of scum composed of light particulates, a middle layer of gray water composed of mixed liquids, and a sludge of heavier rubbish that collects at the bottom. Dealing with sewage can be a messy and difficult task. However, with the right equipment and tools, workers can efficiently deal with even the most stubborn of sludge deposits, saving them from having to manually scoop them out. Municipalities can purchase effective sewer cleaning tools from specialty retailers like Haaker Equipment, including high-powered vacuum trucks. Their heavy-duty Vactor sewer cleaners are built specifically for breaking down stubborn solid waste in sewer systems with jets of high pressure water, and then vacuum the sludge out into the trucks.


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