Thursday, May 19, 2016

How to Choose the Best Sewer Cleaning Truck Equipment for Your Needs

With new residential and business areas popping up left and right, the sewer and septic business is an ever growing one, and success is almost guaranteed for those who can invest in equipment to service septic customers or clean sewers and drains. Granted, sewer cleaning truck equipment does not come cheap, but with the right knowhow, even a startup company can buy the right trucks if they know what to look for. Consider performance When shopping for a sewer cleaning truck, look for vacuum pump technology that provides the operator with all the information he needs—including vacuum system speed, water flow, hose footage, etc.—to perform his job successfully. With such a system installed in the sewer truck, work can progress smoothly and speedily, with minimal disruption and down time.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What Makes Sewer Cameras Indispensable Sewer Inspection Equipment?

Think about all the sewage that all the homes in your area produce. Every time a person takes a bath, brushes his teeth or washes his clothes, water travels through those pipelines. The thing is, drainpipes not only carry liquid waste, but solid waste as well. From dirt to soap to oil and scum, when these solid waste materials stick to sewer walls and accumulate over time, the result is a clogged sewer system that can impede the drainage functions of an entire community. It’s not every day that you can successfully remove blockages from a sewer system. More than that, it’s not every day that you’ll know what’s causing the clogs in the first place. For that, you’re going to need a sewer camera to inspect your drainage system, locate the cause of the blockage.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Street Sweepers and Vacuum Trucks For Sale with Engine Tuners

Fleet managers of street sweepers and vacuum trucks must take fuel efficiency into constant consideration. Due to their weight, such vehicles tend to consume fuel more than the rest of the vehicles under their class. When considering the various ways in which street sweepers and vacuum trucks for sale can be made more fuel efficient, consider engine tuners, devices that help gauge, monitor and conserve fuel when a vehicle is in operation. How do engine tuners work? Engine tuners ‘tune’ a truck’s computer settings, including fuel/rail pressure, injection timing and injector pulse width for optimal performance. They maximize engine performance and make trucks more fuel efficient while also minimizing engine wear. Can engine tuners enhance the performance of a street sweeper or vacuum truck? A good quality engine tuner enhances the performance and efficiency of any vehicle it’s installed in.

Maintenance-Free Vactor Truck Rentals

Vehicle maintenance ranks among a fleet manager’s most important duties. Our Vactor truck rental program includes regular maintenance and service by our team of professionals so you never have to worry about upkeep or repairs. We offer flexible rental programs that include Vactor trucks and cleaners to address sewage problems, vacuum trucks that are fully-equipped with hose reels and hydro-excavation kits, and the finest fleet of sewer cleaners to meet all your needs. Whether you are looking for daily, weekly or monthly rentals, we have you covered. Our vacuum trucks for rent come fully-outfitted with hydro excavation kits and up to 1,000-ft. hose reels that can make any sewer cleaning job easier. Best of all, when you rent with Haaker, you never have to worry about Vactor truck parts or maintaining your unit because our service team takes care of all that for you!