Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Street Sweepers and Vacuum Trucks For Sale with Engine Tuners

Fleet managers of street sweepers and vacuum trucks must take fuel efficiency into constant consideration. Due to their weight, such vehicles tend to consume fuel more than the rest of the vehicles under their class. When considering the various ways in which street sweepers and vacuum trucks for sale can be made more fuel efficient, consider engine tuners, devices that help gauge, monitor and conserve fuel when a vehicle is in operation. How do engine tuners work? Engine tuners ‘tune’ a truck’s computer settings, including fuel/rail pressure, injection timing and injector pulse width for optimal performance. They maximize engine performance and make trucks more fuel efficient while also minimizing engine wear. Can engine tuners enhance the performance of a street sweeper or vacuum truck? A good quality engine tuner enhances the performance and efficiency of any vehicle it’s installed in.


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