Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Powerful Sewer Cleaning Tools Keep the Environment and the Public Safe

Fortunately, maintenance crews can easily keep the environment and the public safe by using powerful sewer cleaning tools. These machines can easily remove water that has been compromised by harmful chemicals via heavy-duty vacuums and pumps. High-resolution sewer cameras can also help detect debris swept away by rain, allowing workers to clear the accumulation and prevent flooding.

Whether you need sturdy sewer nozzles or cameras, be sure to only deal with a trusted sewer equipment dealer like Haaker Equipment Company. Doing so ensures that the equipment you purchase perform at peak efficiency and are of outstanding quality—two very important factors to be considered when public and environmental safety are at stake.

Monday, March 24, 2014

High-Resolution Sewer Inspection Equipment Can Help Prevent Flooding

Although the obvious solution to this problem would be for people to stop the improper disposal of trash, there needs to be a reliable debris clearing plan in place to prevent sewers from clogging up. One such method would be for maintenance crews to use sturdy sewer inspection equipment.

Using high-resolution sewer cameras can allow maintenance crews to actively monitor the condition of the sewer system, including the accumulation of debris. This proactive solution can help these professionals to act quickly and prevent trash from piling up in the first place. As a result, the chances of flash flooding due to heavy rains can be minimized or even be prevented altogether.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Ready to Go Into Action with a High-Quality Street Sweeper for Sale

Mobilizing more heavy-duty units for sweep duties is appropriate in big population or metropolitan centers, such as Sacramento and L.A. A city will always have a vast road network that requires frequent service runs after hours or even during off-peak periods in daytime. Public works authorities in other large population centers or even in smaller communities can have an advantage on cleanliness by acquiring a quality street sweeper for sale through trusted providers like Haaker Equipment Company.

The Broom Bear is one of the tougher products in Elgin’s lineup of dependable street sweepers. Set on a Freightliner chassis, the vehicle’s centerpiece is a conveyor system configured to match the speed of its two side brooms and center broom, a 4.5-cubic-yard hopper, and three water tanks with a combined volume of 360 gallons. Kerhulas says the vehicle’s specifications will be enough for longer sweeping runs.

Monday, March 17, 2014

When a New Sewer Vactor Truck Enables a Fresh Start for the Community

Consult a leading provider like Haaker Equipment Company for the solution. Vactors normally come in three configurations each with their own power abilities and your equipment provider can sweeten the deal with a support package including Vactor truck parts replacement.

Unleashing a new or used Vactor truck on your almost filled up sewer system will be just what the doctor ordered. The cleaner the sewer, the less danger of floods.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Automated Sewer Inspection Equipment for Sewages

There are many risks associated with the inevitable wear and tear of sewage systems. Blockages, deterioration and collapse could occur in both new and old sewer lines. If left undetected, these problematic pipes could contaminate or even block the water supply in a city completely. 

As a result, municipalities are encouraged to take preventive measures and are advised to get in touch with specialists equipped with sewer inspection equipment to check the condition and quality of sewers running under their towns. Inspection techniques include Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), cameras, visual inspection and lamping inspection, depending on the accessibility of the pipes that are up for examination. 

Today, service providers such as the Haaker equipment company carry a variety of high quality equipment designed specifically for all types of sewers. They offer the Envirosight line of sewer cameras that allow thorough, top to bottom assessment of sewage channels thanks to its wide viewing angle. 

Easy access to sewage inspection equipment and to the contractors that provide them should help major cities avoid the serious problems associated with massive waste buildup and pipe damages. Flooding and water contamination, which can also be potentially hazardous to the health, could be better avoided, too. These state-of-the-art inspection cameras are the perfect tool for proper sewage care and maintenance.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Tips for Purchasing a Used Street Sweeper

Street sweepers are important because they keep the roads free from unsightly trash. Apart from the aesthetic advantages these vehicles present, street sweepers keep roads safe for travel by removing dangerous debris that can cause road accidents. 

This equipment can get a bit pricey, however, so many people in need of it opt to purchase a used unit instead. There is nothing wrong with this, especially if the sweeper is still in great condition. Before purchasing a used street sweeper, however, take the time to inspect the vehicle: 

Cleaning Power 

Measure the area you intend to use the sweeper on to determine how powerful a machine you will need. After finding the right fit, be sure to check the integrity of the sweeper section of the vehicle. Be on the lookout for any cracks, rust, and other signs of damage. 

Safety Features 

Street sweepers have very bulky frames which can present a safety hazard for passers-by and other vehicles. That said, make sure that all movement alarms and warning signs function properly. These features are especially important if you plan to use the sweeper during the early morning and the night. 

Engine Condition 

 Street sweepers use robust engines capable of moving the heavy machine effortlessly. A poor engine can easily impede proper cleaning and increase the time necessary to finish a job. That said, have an experienced mechanic assess the condition of the engine before you purchase the sweeper.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Tuning Up Your Vactor Trucks

It's undeniable that vactor trucks are extremely useful for the industry wherein have been extremely vacuum excavators and cleaners for utility, oil and gas, telecommunications and industrial water applications are required. With all the work that they do, however, it is understandable how these mean machines could also suffer from wear and tear. 

How can you ensure that your vactor trucks are in their most optimal working condition? Here are some options you can choose from to tune up your equipment and make the most of your machine: 

Beefing up safety 

Your workers can benefit greatly with an efficient Twist-and-Lock pipe rack which allows them to quickly retrieve and securely store pipes and tubes. Pipe racks are available in curb, street and rear door versions. 

Boosting productivity 

Attaching work lights improves visibility, enabling your workers to see more clearly during foggy weather and night-time operations. Work lights can be mounted on booms, held by hand or attached to the rear door. 

Augmenting control 

Putting an accumulator lets your workers choose from smooth water flow for routine cleaning, and jackhammer action for opening clogged lines. On the other hand, operating with a telescoping/rotating hose reel makes it easier for your workers to position the hose where it needs to be. 

Expanding your reach 

A joystick boom control, with an efficient wiring harness, can help you maneuver your equipment more smoothly, while a steel-reinforced boom elbow installation can lengthen the service life of your vactor truck's main arm.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Why your Local Community Needs Vacuum Trucks

Communities encounter different types of challenges year-in and year-out, and one of the toughest ones involve flooding. Not only do the level of these floods vary depending on the amount or rainfall, they are also determined by the severity of the clogged drains caused by accumulation of leaves, debris and, unfortunately, garbage. 

Extreme flooding that lasts for several hours and, in some cases, days, even after the rains have stopped, are caused by catch basins that are badly clogged. Cleaning them is a tall order, if you don't have the right tools for the job, and this is where sewer cleaner and vacuum trucks come into play. These heavy duty equipment can brave flooded streets with water higher than knee-deep levels and effectively suck out all the debris causing the floods. 

Furthermore, these reliable equipment also clean sewer pipes that have build-ups of different kinds of materials that have been stuck after several years. When it comes to pricing concerns, these equipment cost significant amounts of money. Nevertheless, they are still considered wise one-time investments for communities, especially in cities where inclement weather is commonly experienced. 

 It all boils down to the choice of vacuum and sewer-cleaning trucks, if the investment will go a long way or not. Thankfully, communities that have a limited budget can opt for used but well-maintained equipment being offered by reputable providers.