Friday, March 7, 2014

Tuning Up Your Vactor Trucks

It's undeniable that vactor trucks are extremely useful for the industry wherein have been extremely vacuum excavators and cleaners for utility, oil and gas, telecommunications and industrial water applications are required. With all the work that they do, however, it is understandable how these mean machines could also suffer from wear and tear. 

How can you ensure that your vactor trucks are in their most optimal working condition? Here are some options you can choose from to tune up your equipment and make the most of your machine: 

Beefing up safety 

Your workers can benefit greatly with an efficient Twist-and-Lock pipe rack which allows them to quickly retrieve and securely store pipes and tubes. Pipe racks are available in curb, street and rear door versions. 

Boosting productivity 

Attaching work lights improves visibility, enabling your workers to see more clearly during foggy weather and night-time operations. Work lights can be mounted on booms, held by hand or attached to the rear door. 

Augmenting control 

Putting an accumulator lets your workers choose from smooth water flow for routine cleaning, and jackhammer action for opening clogged lines. On the other hand, operating with a telescoping/rotating hose reel makes it easier for your workers to position the hose where it needs to be. 

Expanding your reach 

A joystick boom control, with an efficient wiring harness, can help you maneuver your equipment more smoothly, while a steel-reinforced boom elbow installation can lengthen the service life of your vactor truck's main arm.


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