Monday, September 29, 2014

Sewer Solving: Sewer Inspection Equipment

Sewers are some of the most essential aspects of any modern building; without them, people would have difficulty managing their used water and waste. All homes and commercial buildings with plumbing are connected to the sewers via branch lines, allowing wastewater and the like to safely and discreetly find their way into the sewage. While incredibly useful in managing waste, sewers can occasionally experience problems and cause difficulties for both homeowners and building proprietors.

If a sewer line experiences some sort of issue, such as a blockage or leak, it would be nearly impossible to tell unless individuals dig up the pipes for closer examination. Naturally, it would be tedious to unearth sewer lines simply to find glitches along the pipes. Thus, professionals often use specialized sewer inspection equipment to analyze the lines before doing any excavations or repairs.

Most sewer inspection equipment consist of a video line with a camera and light attached at the end; the other end is attached to a portable screen that displays what the camera sees. The idea behind this device is that a plumbing company snakes the video line into and through a sewer pipe, allowing the experts to view the insides of the pipe. Sewer inspection equipment is invaluable as a diagnostic tool for plumbers and sewer companies alike.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sewer Nozzles Help Clear Out “Thirsty” Tree Roots in Sewer Systems

As utility companies know, tree roots can wreak havoc on pipes, clogging and eventually causing them to burst. This scenario presents two dilemmas: first, waste water escapes, which can pose serious health risks to people. Second, tree roots can also damage water pipes conveying clean water, which further aggravates the water shortage. To solve this problem, many utility companies use hydro jetting to dislodge these “thirsty” roots from the sewer system. By blasting powerful jets of water through the pipes, utility professionals can clear away any blockage to restore proper water flow and prevent pipes from bursting. To fulfill this task, utility companies need crucial pieces of equipment such as the appropriate sewer nozzles.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Street Sweeper Rental and Sales Firms Tapped for Cleanup in Elgin

Two waves of storms driven by a cold front stretching across the Midwest recently swept through various cities in Illinois, with Elgin among the hardest-hit areas. Bringing down power lines and trees and blocking numerous streets throughout the city, the storms tore through Elgin and left tons of debris in itheir wake. Companies offering equipment such as a trusty street sweeper for sale had a workout when the city government needed to deploy cleanup teams to sort out the mess. Scattered debris is the automatic result of inclement weather like what Elgin experienced. No city in the nation is safe from these occurrences and the damage that they cause – a good reason why reliable street sweeper rental and sales firms such as Haaker Equipment Company remain valuable allies during these events. Automated assistance from high-powered street sweepers is sure to make the job easier for everyone.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Benefits Offered by a Street Sweeper

Street sweeping has many benefits, such as the removal of waste and debris that collect in the gutters. These machines collect waste product that often go unnoticed or are unable to be detected by human eye. An Elgin street sweeper has been proven as one of the best machines used for waste management.

The benefits go beyond visual appeal. Encouraging the use of street sweepers will contribute greatly to the safety of the community. Here are some advantages they bring:

Public Safety
Safety of all people in the community is a top priority. Street sweepers allow the removal of debris, which lessens the occurrence of skids and collisions on the road. Excess debris is not only unsightly, but creates a hazard for pedestrians, runners and cyclists. It can cause them to swerve into the roadway to avoid these items, only making them vulnerable to get hit by drivers who are caught unaware.

Environmental Concerns
It also helps keep waterways, wetlands and other surroundings clean. Leaving hazardous waste products poses a threat to the environment and the wildlife. Roadside trash attracts animals and may cause them major illness or death.

Automobile Preservation
Keeping debris off the roads causes less harm to passing vehicles. Objects thrown under the vehicle can cause devastating damage which result in costly repairs for the owner.

High-Tech Sewer Cameras Help Utility Companies Clear Out Sewage Spills

Fortunately, there are high-tech sewer cameras that can go down even the smallest pipes to identify the cause of blockage. With the help of these devices, utility companies can analyze the extent of damage, determine the appropriate instrument to use and monitor pipe conditions after cleaning. To get the best sewer cameras, utility specialists should work only with trusted sewer inspection equipment suppliers like Haaker Equipment Company. These dealers carry a wide range of models, from those that are simply lowered into pipes to remote-controlled sensor suites on wheels that can travel deep into the most complex sewer systems. With the help of these tools, the difficult but important task of addressing sewage spills becomes much easier to perform.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ruidoso Deploys Vactor Truck to Help Clean and Maintain Sewer Lines

cleaning teams were dispatched by village authorities in Ruidoso, New Mexico, to inspect, clean and maintain sewer lines early last month. Marian Mohr of Ruidoso News reported: Village water and wastewater department crews are out in force cleaning sanitary sewers. This involves walking through and clearing any blockages. The process began with lanes blocked to one-way each way on Sudderth at Mechem. Village officials ask motorists to watch out and drive slowly around crews that are working on this project under rainy conditions. Such a cleanup drive is a good precautionary measure to prevent sewer lines from accumulating huge amounts of debris and other clogging matter, since blockage would be practically inevitable otherwise. Different types of materials can build up inside sewer lines, but there is one seemingly unusual material in the list of usual culprits: “flushable” wet wipes.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Benefits of Camera-Guided Sewer Inspection

When it comes to sewer systems, people basically have an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude Nobody really wants to know what’s going on inside those pipes, but keeping sewer lines clean and in top working condition benefit public safety and the environment in more ways than one. This is the reason why cities all around the country take the upkeep of sewers very seriously.

Regular inspection of municipal sewers is necessary to maintain proper functioning and prevent blockage. The inspection process typically involves cameras and closed-circuit television for ideal visualization of the entire sewer system. A maintenance strategy and cleaning program can be planned more effectively if the technicians know the actual internal condition of the sewers.

Using a camera to view sewer systems is also more cost-effective in the long run. Municipalities need lesser hours and manpower to view entire pipe lines when using cameras so more money and time is saved. Technicians can easily find problem areas and take note of conditions that need more attention.

Camera-guided sewer inspections are highly-efficient and make documentation of the whole inspection a breeze. Inspection cameras as well as various specialized sewer equipment are necessary in cleaning and maintaining sewer systems. With proper inspection, proactive measures can be taken to ensure that sewer systems continue to keep the undesirables out of our daily lives.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Equipment and Employees are Key in Drainage Work

Homeowners can possibly address minor problems with their home’s drains and fixtures, but they will need professionals to work on their sewer lines. Making sure pipes and sewer lines are free of debris and gunk that cause clogging is a job only a professional plumbing company with the right equipment can do. There may also be toxic chemicals in the sewers, and individuals without the proper gear and training should not even attempt to manage them for safety reasons.
Professional plumbing firms are essential in keeping not only a home’s sewage system in great working condition, but also in keeping a whole municipality or city’s systems in the best condition. Without them, clogs and backups can happen which can be catastrophic to properties. Sewer cleaners are indeed an important key to our daily existence, and so are the equipment they use to render services.
The right equipment allows them to complete the services at a quicker and more effective pace, allowing them to work in more areas. Reliable equipment also ensures hazards are minimized during any cleaning procedure, and that waste collected is properly handled and disposed of.
There are a variety of equipment involved in sewer and drainage maintenance, and usually the bigger the job is, the more extensive the equipment used will be. That’s why it is important to not only have the best professionals working an area, but also to have them use the safest and most effective Vactor trucks, hoses, and other equipment possible.