Monday, September 29, 2014

Sewer Solving: Sewer Inspection Equipment

Sewers are some of the most essential aspects of any modern building; without them, people would have difficulty managing their used water and waste. All homes and commercial buildings with plumbing are connected to the sewers via branch lines, allowing wastewater and the like to safely and discreetly find their way into the sewage. While incredibly useful in managing waste, sewers can occasionally experience problems and cause difficulties for both homeowners and building proprietors.

If a sewer line experiences some sort of issue, such as a blockage or leak, it would be nearly impossible to tell unless individuals dig up the pipes for closer examination. Naturally, it would be tedious to unearth sewer lines simply to find glitches along the pipes. Thus, professionals often use specialized sewer inspection equipment to analyze the lines before doing any excavations or repairs.

Most sewer inspection equipment consist of a video line with a camera and light attached at the end; the other end is attached to a portable screen that displays what the camera sees. The idea behind this device is that a plumbing company snakes the video line into and through a sewer pipe, allowing the experts to view the insides of the pipe. Sewer inspection equipment is invaluable as a diagnostic tool for plumbers and sewer companies alike.


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