Friday, June 20, 2014

Tips for Choosing the Right Sewer Camera

Whether you work as a member of a public utility service for your city or as a professional residential plumber, you need a good sewer camera at your disposal. Of course, choosing the right sewer camera can be difficult, especially since there are so many camera models available on the market. Here are a few tips to make your search a little easier:

Let There Be Light
Don’t forget that the depths of pipes and sewer lines are pretty much pitch black. Prioritize sewer cameras that have a built-in light source. They let you see sharper images on the monitor, allowing you to better assess the situation.

The Long Way Around
Make sure that the camera’s cable is long enough to handle any job you may come across. Of course, how long of a cable you need depends on the type of jobs your company takes.

Save Your Work
Choose a camera that allows you to save the footage (preferably in a wide variety of formats) you collect. This is a valuable feature for when you are only doing an initial inspection and have to go back to the office to grab necessary parts or tools to finish the job.

From a Distance
Remote-controlled cameras are typically considered as luxury items. However, they do spare you the trouble of having to manually snake the camera through pipes. Whether you decide to buy a remote-controlled camera is up to you and your budget.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Effective Deployment of Street Sweepers

A street sweeper, specifically an Elgin street sweeper, will be an effective tool to thoroughly clean the pavements in your community. Suppose you’re eyeing to purchase a number of units and are preparing them for action upon delivery. How can they be used to their fullest potential? There are a number of ways to achieve it. Here are some tips:

Bigger is Better
Consult your street sweeper provider about available units with the largest volume in stock, specifically high-dump models. According to professionals, this eases the labor in collecting the debris for later disposal. Two large-capacity dump trucks must be deployed for every cleaning job or schedule. 

Behind the Wheel
For all of the sweeper’s rigorous specifications and top-notch performance, it can’t get there if the operator’s competence is not up to par. As such, you must consult your street sweeper dealer or other colleagues if they can recommend drivers who have experience in operating the kind of street sweeper you acquired. Moreover, if you have seasoned veterans under employ, they should be tasked to train less-experienced people on your crew. The said training or education must involve achieving full familiarity with all of the sweeper components, especially for dedicated maintenance personnel.

Keeping Tabs

Implement record-keeping practices to better catalog the performance of each sweep crew. Determine if there are enough vehicles to work the streets and set aside those that need downtime.
A well-managed street sweeping team is a step in the right direction to clean up your community.  

Friday, June 13, 2014

Making Sure Your Vactor Truck Lasts a Long Time

A vactor truck is a big expense that construction companies and municipalities consider its purchase part of their investments. Any investment that is made require that the purchase be maintained so as to have any lasting value. Considering the importance of a vactor truck to owners, to a municipality’s sanitation needs, for example, it is always wise to keep the equipment in good shape through regular maintenance and replacement of old and faulty parts.

Other approaches are also important. Properly shut down the truck at the end of the day. That also means emptying the truck’s water system through its drain valves. Debris collected through the day should also be cleared. These procedures ensure that a truck is ready for the next day.

Always perform a weekly maintenance check. All fluid levels should be checked to make sure that there are no leaks. A complete cleansing of the debris tank should also help ensure that nothing organic is left behind to damage the material’s integrity. A check on cyclone screens should ensure that the parts remain in good condition.

Monthly checks of the electrical, hydraulics, and hoses should be done. This helps locate any leaks, cracks, or punctures that can cause problems later. The regular check-ups prevent any possible contamination of the hydraulic fluid. An annual flushing of the hydraulic system should also be in place, just as filters should be changed timely for the truck to perform at peak levels. These maintenance precautions help ensure that your truck should keep itself in service to you for a long time.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

In Need of a Vactor Truck Army: A Story of a Big City in Deep Trouble

"One of the most famous sayings about life in The Big Apple goes: If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere! Likewise, if NYC can make efficient sewage maintenance work to lessen their sanitation problems, you can do it in your city as well – again, all you need are reliable equipment and gear like sturdy Vactor truck parts from trusted distributors like Haaker Equipment Company. Don’t let memories of sewage backups and illness be the only takeaway of visitors stopping by your city. Keep your sewer lines and drains clean with the help of a Vactor truck army and other designated equipment to stop the wastes of urban living from taking a toll on the health of residents and guests."

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Knowing What to do When Your Sewer Line is Clogged

Having a clogged sewer line is a headache for any homeowner. The fact that raw sewage is backing up into your home should make you concerned. The smell alone should have you calling for professional help.

There are several reasons for your sewer line clogging. The most common reason for the obstruction is that tree roots, which are notorious for seeking water sources, managed to enter the sewer line. Other reasons can be the accumulation of dirt and debris, or grease build-up in the pipe.

Before contacting any professionals, its best to turn off the water immediately. This helps arrest the problem in the meantime. If you have a sewer cleanout line, open the cleanout cap to give an alternate exit for the backed-up sewage.

When you’ve called in the sewer cleaners, they can go about clearing the clog in several ways. They usually use augers to try and clear the blockage. If the problem is from tree-roots, they will usually have to dig up your lawn and install a new pipe. Some clogs can easily be dealt with by the use of a vactor truck.

Vactor trucks are large trucks equipped with a powerful high pressure unit that can reach into the lines and push the clog out. This is usually done by a nozzle that focuses the water pressure. It also has a vacuum unit that sucks any of the debris left in the line.

With any of these methods, your sewer line should clear up in no time.