Friday, June 13, 2014

Making Sure Your Vactor Truck Lasts a Long Time

A vactor truck is a big expense that construction companies and municipalities consider its purchase part of their investments. Any investment that is made require that the purchase be maintained so as to have any lasting value. Considering the importance of a vactor truck to owners, to a municipality’s sanitation needs, for example, it is always wise to keep the equipment in good shape through regular maintenance and replacement of old and faulty parts.

Other approaches are also important. Properly shut down the truck at the end of the day. That also means emptying the truck’s water system through its drain valves. Debris collected through the day should also be cleared. These procedures ensure that a truck is ready for the next day.

Always perform a weekly maintenance check. All fluid levels should be checked to make sure that there are no leaks. A complete cleansing of the debris tank should also help ensure that nothing organic is left behind to damage the material’s integrity. A check on cyclone screens should ensure that the parts remain in good condition.

Monthly checks of the electrical, hydraulics, and hoses should be done. This helps locate any leaks, cracks, or punctures that can cause problems later. The regular check-ups prevent any possible contamination of the hydraulic fluid. An annual flushing of the hydraulic system should also be in place, just as filters should be changed timely for the truck to perform at peak levels. These maintenance precautions help ensure that your truck should keep itself in service to you for a long time.


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