Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Knowing What to do When Your Sewer Line is Clogged

Having a clogged sewer line is a headache for any homeowner. The fact that raw sewage is backing up into your home should make you concerned. The smell alone should have you calling for professional help.

There are several reasons for your sewer line clogging. The most common reason for the obstruction is that tree roots, which are notorious for seeking water sources, managed to enter the sewer line. Other reasons can be the accumulation of dirt and debris, or grease build-up in the pipe.

Before contacting any professionals, its best to turn off the water immediately. This helps arrest the problem in the meantime. If you have a sewer cleanout line, open the cleanout cap to give an alternate exit for the backed-up sewage.

When you’ve called in the sewer cleaners, they can go about clearing the clog in several ways. They usually use augers to try and clear the blockage. If the problem is from tree-roots, they will usually have to dig up your lawn and install a new pipe. Some clogs can easily be dealt with by the use of a vactor truck.

Vactor trucks are large trucks equipped with a powerful high pressure unit that can reach into the lines and push the clog out. This is usually done by a nozzle that focuses the water pressure. It also has a vacuum unit that sucks any of the debris left in the line.

With any of these methods, your sewer line should clear up in no time. 


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