Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Important Steps to Take When Planning to Buy a Street Sweeper for Sale

Municipalities and large businesses can both benefit from choosing a reliable street sweeper for sale, to help clear the roadways of their daily serving of gunk and debris. When buying such a piece of equipment, there are a few pointers you should keep in mind if you want your purchase to be well worth the time and effort you put into it.

Know your Needs

Don’t just buy a sweeper because it looks like it’s the biggest and the toughest one you can find – always remember that different sweepers are meant to perform different functions. Look, for instance, at such considerations as the necessary speed of the sweeper, its type of sweeping and disposal system, as well as the efficiency of the specific model you’re checking out.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Earthquake Preparedness: Maintaining Sewage Systems with Vactor Trucks:

Professionals who provide sewer cleaning services through the use of Vactor trucks help wastewater go through the proper channels, like water treatment facilities. Treating water helps ensure that there is a steady supply of drinking water that’s free of harmful substances like human and animal waste.

At times, municipalities will have to rely on cleanup crews that use effective sewer inspection equipment to assess the severity of obstruction. Fortunately, the need for sewer inspection and cleaning equipment is something that industrial equipment suppliers like Haaker Equipment Company can fulfill.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Importance of Sewer Inspection

There’s no other way of saying it: sewage inspection is not a glamorous task. After all, sewage systems carry all the waste water from homes, offices, commercial establishments, and other buildings, so this job definitely qualifies as a dirty one.
Yet one can’t deny the importance of regular sewage inspection. Over time, factors like solid waste or overgrown tree roots can block the underground pipes, leading to nasty waste water backups. Furthermore, these pipes can rust, corrode, or burst, so their condition has to be strictly monitored to prevent major problems.
Fortunately, municipal governments perform regular checks on sewage systems, though these aren’t always easy. That’s because not all pipes are large enough to be inspected manually by servicemen. When pipes measure only a few inches in diameter, hired contractors often use sewage inspection equipment like specialized cameras that can navigate these narrow tubes to unveil blockages or survey their condition.
These sewage cameras save the municipality both time and money because they detect issues quickly and allow local officials to develop a plan of action before an emergency arises. With the help of these inspection equipment, the crucial but often challenging job of sewage inspection becomes that much easier to perform.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Slow and Steady: The Street Sweeping Doctrine

Street sweepers aren’t exactly the fastest rides on the road. Then again, why would they need to be? You would want to stay for a longer period on one spot to make sure it’s spotless.

As always, the speed-accuracy trade-off comes to mind. Public utilities, just like companies, run on time; the longer they take in doing their job, the more impatient the public grows over certain inconveniences. However, cleaners also want to make sure they did everything according to plan. If the same problem occurs a second time, they know they did something wrong.

For street sweepers, compromise is the key. Experts say the optimal forward speed for street cleaning with these sophisticated vehicles is at 5 mph, which is as fast as running. This ensures balance between the time it takes to clean the roads and the quality of work done. To be able to adapt to various conditions, experts set the ideal speed range between 3 and 7 mph.

At such speeds, many say it may take more than two weeks to clean an entire city or town. Public utilities often weigh the cost of operating a street sweeper with the time it takes them to clean the city or town. The average cost per mile plays at around $100. This includes, but are not limited to, the pay for the street sweeper operators and maintenance of the unit.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tips on Maintaining Your Vacuum Trucks

If you are a business owner who invested in vacuum trucks or are perhaps in the business of renting them to the public, you should always be sure that your machines are in excellent working condition. Considering the integral part they play for a business, you simply cannot afford seeing them malfunction in the line of duty. Preventive maintenance is the key to avoid costly damage.

Even if they are made by topnotch manufacturers like Vactor and expected to last a very long time, your trucks also need to undergo regular checkups. Never miss inspecting the more essential parts like belts, hoses, and other components found under the hood, as well as all the different fluids. Moreover, do check on the brakes, tires, filters, and drain pipes.

You should also check the lights, as well as the manual and automatic vacuum relief valves, together with all the hydraulic and electrical functions.

Furthermore, invest time in bringing your trucks to a service center for a more in-depth and comprehensive maintenance checkup. Even if you conduct daily inspections, there might still be problems inside the machine that you are unaware of. By having an expert conduct periodic maintenance, you can rest assured that all underlying problems will be addressed accordingly, using the right tools and methods.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

When Your Sewerage Needs Help from a Vactor Truck

Sewage systems play a crucial role in any community, as they guide water, storm overflows, and different kinds of waste away from the community toward treatment plants. Since sewage brings different health hazards, it should be carried away effectively. Sometimes, though, this becomes difficult as sewers get all clogged up over the years. Clearing the blockage is one tall order and a vacuum cleaning truck should be utilized for the job.

Vacuum trucks, particularly the ones coming from leading manufacturers like Vactor, double as vacuum units and wash trucks to effectively dislodge all the waste that have accumulated and hardened in pipework. These machines shoot high-pressure water, which softens all the debris and allows it to be vacuumed out of the sewage system. Furthermore, these heavy equipment are built to withstand even the toughest conditions and penetrate the most challenging spaces.

Clogged sewers that are left unattended even for just a few days could spell big problems for any community. Even a minor sewer drain clog can result in having toilets that are hard to flush, and sinks that can't seem to drain the water out. To address sewer blockages, community leaders and other stakeholders should work hand-in-hand and hire trusted professionals equipped with the right equipment to resolve the issue.

Additionally, they are able to cut and dispose of tree roots that have reached into sewers. For gathering all accumulated waste, they are equipped with a giant tank, which is able to store the waste temporarily until it is brought to the appropriate place of disposal.

Given the abilities of these super machines, it doesn't come as a surprise that communities and municipalities pay hundreds of thousands of dollars just to have their very own unit.