Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tips on Maintaining Your Vacuum Trucks

If you are a business owner who invested in vacuum trucks or are perhaps in the business of renting them to the public, you should always be sure that your machines are in excellent working condition. Considering the integral part they play for a business, you simply cannot afford seeing them malfunction in the line of duty. Preventive maintenance is the key to avoid costly damage.

Even if they are made by topnotch manufacturers like Vactor and expected to last a very long time, your trucks also need to undergo regular checkups. Never miss inspecting the more essential parts like belts, hoses, and other components found under the hood, as well as all the different fluids. Moreover, do check on the brakes, tires, filters, and drain pipes.

You should also check the lights, as well as the manual and automatic vacuum relief valves, together with all the hydraulic and electrical functions.

Furthermore, invest time in bringing your trucks to a service center for a more in-depth and comprehensive maintenance checkup. Even if you conduct daily inspections, there might still be problems inside the machine that you are unaware of. By having an expert conduct periodic maintenance, you can rest assured that all underlying problems will be addressed accordingly, using the right tools and methods.


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