Tuesday, April 8, 2014

When Your Sewerage Needs Help from a Vactor Truck

Sewage systems play a crucial role in any community, as they guide water, storm overflows, and different kinds of waste away from the community toward treatment plants. Since sewage brings different health hazards, it should be carried away effectively. Sometimes, though, this becomes difficult as sewers get all clogged up over the years. Clearing the blockage is one tall order and a vacuum cleaning truck should be utilized for the job.

Vacuum trucks, particularly the ones coming from leading manufacturers like Vactor, double as vacuum units and wash trucks to effectively dislodge all the waste that have accumulated and hardened in pipework. These machines shoot high-pressure water, which softens all the debris and allows it to be vacuumed out of the sewage system. Furthermore, these heavy equipment are built to withstand even the toughest conditions and penetrate the most challenging spaces.

Clogged sewers that are left unattended even for just a few days could spell big problems for any community. Even a minor sewer drain clog can result in having toilets that are hard to flush, and sinks that can't seem to drain the water out. To address sewer blockages, community leaders and other stakeholders should work hand-in-hand and hire trusted professionals equipped with the right equipment to resolve the issue.

Additionally, they are able to cut and dispose of tree roots that have reached into sewers. For gathering all accumulated waste, they are equipped with a giant tank, which is able to store the waste temporarily until it is brought to the appropriate place of disposal.

Given the abilities of these super machines, it doesn't come as a surprise that communities and municipalities pay hundreds of thousands of dollars just to have their very own unit.


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