Monday, December 30, 2013

Detect Blockages with Sewer Inspection Equipment

Sewer systems are critical to all municipalities, and citizens have their local sewage company to thank for proper drainage flow. Over time, however, sewers may develop problems, causing a backup, which can pose health risks to the community.

A backup is due to numerous reasons, and one of them is tree roots. With the invasion of tree roots in pipes, property owners may experience disrupted water flow and gradual pipe damage. The backup may also contaminate the water supply with debris and other organic material.

Using professional sewer inspection equipment is key to finding the primary cause of the problem. With the right equipment, property owners and contractors can detect the extent of the tree root intrusion as well as the degree of damage. This also allows one to create a comprehensive plan of action that targets the backup and prevents future problems.

Municipal, contractor, and industrial sectors use only the most reliable inspection equipment to ensure that problems with sewages are fully detected and resolved. As an additional tip, the use of copper sulphate can help get rid of the roots without killing the trees; however, if the tree roots have significantly damaged the sewer pipes, pipe replacement may be necessary.

Benefits of Street Sweeping

Street sweeping doesn't only beautify an area, but offers greater benefits like protecting people from danger. By being educated about the benefits of street sweeping, you make yourself more knowledgeable and aware about the safety that it offers.

Here are some benefits that come with street sweeping:

  • Prevents sewage problems – This is probably the main concern of street sweeping. Gutters accumulate debris on a day-to-day basis. When properly cleaned and maintained, gutters effectively prevent floods, sewer clogging, and a smoother water run-off.
  • Environmental – Another benefit of street sweeping is that it removes the particles and hazardous waste emitted by vehicles. These particles can combine with other debris and become unhealthy when ingested and mixed in the environment.
  • Safety to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists – Aside from being unsightly objects, construction and roadway debris can also be a cause of accidents. Pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists will have to swerve in order to avoid debris, and when this happens, may cause heavy injuries and damages to both vehicles and edifices.
  • Less damage to vehicles from road debris – Some debris on the road can cause damages to automobiles, and one of the most common is abrasion in the vehicle's finish. Furthermore, some items may also cause undercoating issues.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Why A Good Sewer System is Important

Believe it or not, sewers play a key role in keeping a community a livable place. Sewers are responsible for your home's wastewater disposal and sanitation concerns. Without a good, clean and working sewer, you may have to install and maintain a septic system which can be costly and time-consuming.

Sewers can help preserve water quality and make water safe for drinking. Unlike septic tanks and other rustic systems that can affect supply, a proper sewer system in place can control, treat and recycle wastewater, negating serious health problems that dirty water may pose.

Apart from wastewater management, sewers can also serve as disposal systems for rainwater and storm water runoff. When water enters a storm drain, it will be directed to the sewer system that prevents it from accumulating and causing urban flooding.

Furthermore, sanitary sewers in major cities prevent dirty water from contaminating the environment. They serve as a conduit to carry polluted water to sewage treatment plants for the removal of harmful waste before it is released again into the environment.

With sewers playing an important role, it is then necessary to have them cleaned so they can continue to function well for the sake of our environment.

Tips on Keeping Your Sewers Clean

When your home’s sewer system fails, you could be in for nothing less than a filthy, smelly mess — so it’s important that you always keep it clean and well-maintained. In some cases, you can hire reputable companies to rent you a vactor truck, but if you can’t afford to do this regularly, you can always try out one or two of these tips:

Screen Your Sinks

Educate yourself and your family about the proper use of your plumbing fixtures like the kitchen sink and toilet. Make sure that only human waste and water (some kitchen sinks are built with equipment that can dice and shred certain food items) goes through to the sewers, lest you will have a clog.

The Big Flush

At least once a week, fill every sink all the way to the brim with water. Then, having family members and friends help you out, simultaneously pull all the stoppers. This should fill all the pipes with water and pressure, washing away any obstructions or building clogs.

Cleanout Plug Flush

Should you have reason to believe that your sewage pipes are already blocked, look for the cleanout plugs for the pipes. Remove the plug and push a plumber’s snake down through it. The snake should clean the pipes’ sides and free them of obstructions.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Things You Need to Know about Sewer Inspection Equipment and Cameras

What you can find Throughout your inspection, you will see the insides of your sewer system through the eyes of the camera as it moves down the sewer line through other obstructions. Unless the clog renders the camera completely unable to proceed, it might even be able to continue through to the municipal line. Hire a Professional Don’t perform a sewer inspection on your own, since this can damage your pipes more instead of enabling their repair. Professional sewer inspectors, on the other hand, have the necessary skills, training and equipment to make sure that the project gets completed without a hitch. They also depend on specialty rental companies like Haaker to provide them professional rentals of efficient sewer inspection equipment. The proper sewer repair and maintenance can help keep your home safe from the dangers of a failed plumbing system. Thanks to the trusty sewer video cameras, you don’t have to practically dig out your entire backyard just to see what’s wro

In Need of a Vactor Truck Rental? Clogged vs. Broken Sewage System

Problem sewers can pose a health threat not only to you and your family, but also to everyone else in your property. When your sewer pipes act up, the problem could be that, either your pipes are clogged up, or are broken. Here are some tips to help you size up your sewer problem so you can decide whether to hire a Vactor truck sewer cleaning service, or call for repairs due to a broken or leaky pipe. Signs of Clogged Pipes Check the drains in your home; observe and listen to how the water drains. If there seems to be a loud gurgling noise coming from the pipes, you might have a leak on your hands, and you should have it repaired as soon as possible. Broken Pipes: Municipal Sources When water backs up in your toilet or shower drain, you might a have broken sewage pipe. You might want to check with your municipality or city maintenance whether or not your area is experiencing a community-wide sewer backup.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Sewer Nozzles and Other High-end Sewer Cleaning Equipment—Detecting Signs of Clogging and Preventing Backup

Aaron Stickley, and Guide, discusses the signs that a drain or sewer is clogged and explains how this issue can be serious for a homeowner like you. According to Stickley, a sure sign of clogging is when backup occurs in one or more of your plumbing fixtures e.g, the sink and the toilet. Depending on the degree of clogging, you can either rent equipment or hire experts to fix your sewer. Sewer cleanup can be difficult, especially if you don't have the proper equipment at home. Clogs that occur in pipelines beneath the soil are hard to detect. All you'll get is liquid backing up but not clues regarding the source. Companies like HAAKER Equipment Company provide all the tools and equipment necessary for eliminating plugs, including handy sewer nozzles and cameras.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Closer Look at the Functions of Sewer Cameras—Improving Sewer Inspection

Sewer Camera HQ discusses the use of sewer cameras in inspecting and fixing sewers and sewer pipes. The author explains that with the invention of sewer cameras, the costly conventional repair or replacement of sewer components has become much easier and more cost-effective. Most of these hi-tech sewer cameras have other uses besides viewing enclosed surfaces. "The normal process for identifying problem areas for home owners is to isolate areas between cleanouts. This is time consuming and will normally result in finding blockage instead of cracks or breaks. Of course if the pipes are exposed, they can be inspected externally making it very simple to find areas that will need to be repaired or replaced." However, uncovering the pipes is not an easy job as it requires digging and soiling.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cleaning is Hard Work So You Better Buy a Good Street Sweeper for Sale

One of the biggest benefits of street sweeping is that it keeps a city's drainage systems free from blockage and debris, thus minimizing the dangers of flooding once the heavy rains start falling. It is certainly a boon to the city's residents, considering not everyone has the means to locate a street sweeper for sale (let alone buy one) and keep their streets free from dirt and grime. Street sweepers like those sold by Haaker Equipment Company use a variety of tools to get the job done. For one, they use hoses that release streams of water and chemicals (like antiseptics) to wash away foul odors, as well as the dust and particulates that pollute roadways. This makes them useful for cleaning up the sites of auto accidents, specifically to remove shards of glass and tiny car parts that would otherwise be a danger to other motorists.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

You Won't Believe Some of the Things a Good Vactor Truck can Find in Sewers These Days

It's unfortunate that the authorities are forced to choose between them because regular sewer cleaning and maintenance are both important. Sewer lines that have been clogged are just as bad as a damaged sewer pipe because they disrupt the flow of the system. Grease, dirt buildup, and the occasional pest infestation can only be fixed with reliable sewer cleaning equipment, which is why some government units go as far as to work with a reliable Vactor truck rental company like Haaker Equipment. Cleaning trucks use a variety of technologies, from vacuum cleaning to hydro excavation, for the job. Even with this equipment, cleaning out plastic and paper products from sewer lines is still a difficult task.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Using the Proper Sewer Nozzles to Clean Sewer Systems Effectively

Sewage is a messy mix of storm water and various bits and pieces such as, leaves, twigs, garbage, and other small objects. When this filthy cocktail settles inside a sewer, it separates into three distinct layers: an upper layer of scum composed of light particulates, a middle layer of gray water composed of mixed liquids, and a sludge of heavier rubbish that collects at the bottom. Dealing with sewage can be a messy and difficult task. However, with the right equipment and tools, workers can efficiently deal with even the most stubborn of sludge deposits, saving them from having to manually scoop them out. Municipalities can purchase effective sewer cleaning tools from specialty retailers like Haaker Equipment, including high-powered vacuum trucks. Their heavy-duty Vactor sewer cleaners are built specifically for breaking down stubborn solid waste in sewer systems with jets of high pressure water, and then vacuum the sludge out into the trucks.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sewer Cameras and Other Sewer Inspection Equipment Take Aim at Wipes

In Bemus Point, New York, the problem became so bad that sewer officials came up with traps – basket strainers – in order to know where the wipes came from, and later mailed letters to the responsible homeowners to stop them from flushing these wipes. Lastly, the report said, “Wastewater officials agree that wipes, many of which are made from plastic, aren't the only culprits, but say their problems have escalated with the wipes market.” Underneath every home is a sewer that is responsible for taking waste water and solid waste out, but not everyone is aware of this and things like this are often taken for granted. There are different sewer cameras available that can be used to inspect the insides of sewer pipes to know where problems and damages are occurring. When the right sewer inspection equipment from companies like Haaker Equipment Company is used, any clogging problems can be diagnosed and remedied much more easily. Nobody wants to deal with these kinds of unpleasant job

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Elgin Street Sweeper For Sale Might Help Solve California Water Crisis

Water pollution is caused by many factors and one of them is the accumulation of waste or junk collected from streets and gutters. When these roadway pollutants enter waterways, they eventually reach creeks, beaches, bays and rivers. The result can be deadly not only to the marine habitat, but also to the drinking water system. One of the most effective ways to eliminate road trash and debris such as leaves, paper or other particles found in gutters, is street sweeping. This method improves air quality and prevents pollutants from entering stormwater systems and streams. A street sweeper works by using forced air and a high-powered vacuum unit to collect particles or dirt. When high pressure air is blown onto the road, the vacuum lifts the particles and sends them into the machine's hopper. The Elgin Street Sweeper is an example of a sweeping unit that can handle gutter trash and light materials such as grass, dirt, sand or small litter.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Sewer Cameras for Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

It may not be the first priority of potential home buyers, but real estate agents and plumbing contractors alike say that conducting sewer inspections proves to be beneficial in the end. The initial cost may be pricey than the usual home inspection, but it minimizes the chances of having unexpected plumbing issues. During the inspection, technicians will remove the toilet and insert a 150-foot sewer snake camera to identify drainage issues. Customers who want to have a copy of the monitored pipeline expedition may be charged with an approximate amount of $29.

The usual drainage problems detected by sewer cameras include damaged pipes, intrusive tree roots, and faulty pipe connections. There are cases when pipes buckle under 16 feet of backfill and may eventually break over time. Broken pipes make the sewage flow into the ground and lead it back to the house, causing the toilet to overflow. Needless to say, sewer inspections can save home buyers a great deal of money since replacements of pipes can cost as high as $20,000.

Sewer cameras come in different types, with each corresponding to a particular pipe length and diameter. Experts say that the wire and camera need to be narrow enough in diameter than the pipe that will be inspected. When choosing waterproof sewer cameras, opt for the ones with optimum protection to resist the heavy water pressure in a pipeline.  

Vactor Truck Rentals, Solution to Flushable Wipes Clogging of Sewers?

While the manufacturers defend the disposable quality of their wipes, the fact remains that this has caused sewer problems to elevate all over the country. In fact, the article even mentions that: [...] sewer officials [in Vancouver, Washington] say wipes labeled as flushable are a big part of a problem that has caused that city to spend more than $1 million in the last five years One solution is heavy-duty sewer cleaning equipment such as a Vactor truck from HAAKER Equipment Company, which can get out the most stubborn clogs. For this reason, many municipalities and others have turned to Vactor truck rental companies for help in unclogging their sewer systems. People should be careful when it comes to the things that they flush away from their homes. Out of sight isn't necessarily out of mind. The non-disposable things that you throw away may still come back to haunt you or your community by gathering in your sewer system and causing quite a mess for someone else to deal wit

Thursday, November 21, 2013

History of Mechanical Street Sweepers

The mechanical type of street sweeper may not be as old as the streets they are cleaning, but it may be a surprise to some that this equipment dates back to the 19th Century.

In fact, it was in March 17, 1896 that C.B. Brooks invented the very first street sweeper. During his time, streets were cleaned by workers who manually picked up trash and used brooms to sweep the streets. His invention consisted of a truck that had brushes that pushed debris on the side of the road. However, some people also claim that it was C.S. Bishop who invented the first mechanical street sweeper in September 4, 1849, which had rotating disks and/or drums that were covered with wire bristles.

During the fall of 1911, John M. Murphy called the office of the American Tower and Tank Company in Elgin, Illinois about his plan of building a motor driven street sweeper. The company then decided to hire John M. Murphy because of his plan, and then started the Elgin Sweeper Company.

It was only during the early 20th century that automobile became widely available in the US, but street sweepers were already in the scene before this. In 1914, city officials in Boise, Idaho bought the first ever Elgin street sweeper, and since then, the company has been a familiar name in the industry. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Making Street Sweeper Brooms Last Long

Cleaning roads can be done in a jiffy using street sweepers. However, cleaning streets doesn’t just require sweeping; it also involves proper sanitation and waste removal to prevent serious health problems and clogging issues due to storm surges. Cleaning roads thoroughly is done best with street sweeper trucks, which is why these vehicles should be carefully maintained to keep streets free from debris, dirt and other pollutants.

One of the most vital parts of street sweeper trucks is the sweeper brush. This rugged and durable
brush can extract compacted dirt and remove compressed weeds. It is also designed with special mechanisms for a more productive sweeping time.

To ensure proper sweeper brush care, don't buy cheap brooms. Since cost is dependent on quality, cheap brooms often lead to increasing wear rate and shortened brush life. Quality brooms, on the other hand, can help you save big in the long run despite the high price tag.

Remember to prevent brooms from excessive down pressure as well. Too much brush and street contact can lead to friction that accelerates broom wear. Only the right amount of pressure should be applied to extend the broom's life.

Lastly, don't ignore the advanced features of a street sweeper vehicle so it can operate effectively. Cutting-edge sweepers with the right components should get the job done easily.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cleaning up Filth with Sewer Nozzles & Other Sewer Cleaning Tools

Cleaning sewers is already a difficult task due to the tedious work involved and the risks associated with it. It's made even more difficult thanks stubborn bits of flotsam caused by all manner of “disposable” toiletries. Professional cleaners that have to deal with serious cases of filth will need reliable sewer nozzles and other durable equipment in order to get the dirty job done. The problem with cleaning sewers filled with trash is that the debris can actually cause equipment to jam or malfunction—especially vacuum pumps and similar devices. Instead of sucking up the garbage, some cleaners resort to blasting away clogged portions of a sewer with pressurized water. This will entail the use of specialized equipment that has to be purchased from specific manufacturers or retailers.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sewer Inspection: What You Need to Know

What many homeowners don’t realize is that there is a space lurking beneath their homes that needs as much attention and inspection as the rest of the house: the sewers. Here are several reasons why a regular sewer inspection is important.

Tree roots can grow into your sewer lines and cause the pipes massive damage. Growths, when expanding, may latch onto debris that are already stuck in your sewer lines like trash that you dump in your toilet or kitchen drain, and cause a major backup or blockage. The roots can also break through the pipes themselves.

Your home might even be hiding a more sinister secret from a long time ago: cesspools which may have been used by the previous owners of your home before municipal sewage systems were developed in your area. You need to hire professionals to have your sewer lines inspected, as they might still be connected to an unused cesspool.

Call your local plumbing company to have your sewers checked for possible problems. The contractor can simply use cameras to take a look at your sewer lines. He can also determine if the pipes are clean or clogged, and in good or bad condition. It’s always better to prevent disastrous plumbing and sewage issues than to fix them. Inspections cost anywhere from $80 to $300, but having to repair or replace the sewer is much more costly.

Superior Disaster Prevention with Sewer Cameras & Inspection Equipment

In order to monitor the status of sewers in large cities and to prevent breakdowns, heavy-duty sewer inspection equipment should be used to inspect and assess sewer systems. Sewer inspection and cleaning equipment can be purchased from dealers like Haaker Equipment Company. The regular inspection and maintenance of sewers can prevent wet weather overflow (in which sewage is discharged into the environment as a result of heavy rainfall). It's important to note that flooding can also be caused or aggravated by clogged sewers. To prevent clogs and the resulting buildup, high-quality sewer cameras should be installed in strategic locations to monitor the condition of sewer systems. Reputable dealers offer high performance sewer cleaning equipment and cameras from brands like Envirosight.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Contact Reputable Dealers if You Need a New or Used Street Sweeper

A casual check of the general region around Williams will reveal the area’s vulnerability to desert dust, in addition to other particles collected from the streets. Street sweepers are even more vulnerable to breakdowns in regions with harsher environmental conditions than Williams. When street sweepers have exceeded their service life, it is prudent to acquire a durable street sweeper for sale from outfits like Haaker Equipment Company. The article stated that it was the machine’s elevator, which brings the debris onto a conveyor leading to the hopper, that needed replacement parts amounting to $12,360. The project is expected to be completed in about two to three weeks. However, even Williams shop supervisor Sheldon Johnson was stumped at the level of work required, stating, "We've always repaired it about every other year, but we never have replaced the whole thing."

Thursday, October 31, 2013

How a Vactor Truck Can Keep Your Community Clean After the Floods

Scenarios like these highlight the need for vactor truck rentals, which companies like Haaker Equipment Company provide. Without vactor trucks, the refuse and debris left behind by flooding would contaminate fresh water supplies and clog sewers; this scenario would worsen when the next downpour arrives. Vacuum trucks are arguably the most efficient way of getting rid of volumes of mud and sludge in one go. While not mandatory, cities and towns usually buy at least one, new or used, for their sewage cleaning needs. Vactor truck rental companies provide vactor sewer cleaning trucks for industrial and municipal needs, as well as waste water management throughout North America. These vactor trucks help keep communities clean and protect the environment.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Devices That Keep The Sewer System's Integrity

A sewage system is meant to keep waterborne waste away from the community for all kinds of health and sanitary reasons. However, the components of its system are not expected to be at their best condition forever. A lot of factors can contribute to problems in their performance, and that is why regular inspection of the sewage system should be carried out.

On the other hand, sewage system maintenance isn't exactly a simple task. Thorough inspection must first be done to check the system's current condition and determine the requirements of the cleaning job. High quality sewer inspection equipment are vital at this stage.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) and cameras are samples of sewer inspection equipment that aid in monitoring and evaluating the condition of the sewer system. Images taken from these devices not only give a better idea of the cleaning necessary but they likewise help in pinpointing exactly where the areas that needs improvement or replacement are located.

Accuracy, reliability and durability are among the many considerations in choosing such types of equipment. Fortunately, for the benefit of the community in general, technology has changed the way the systematic and complicated task of inspecting sewer systems is being carried out.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Ever-changing Street Sweeper

The Industrial Revolution caught on with the United States gradually, but when it became widespread, the manufacturing sector displaced many people whose skills could be replicated by machinery more efficiently. However, the introduction of the mechanical sweeper in both England and the United States in the 1840s did not replace the human street sweeper, largely because the innovation did not seem anything revolutionary back then,
Things changed with the introduction of a motor-driven pickup street sweeper by Elgin Sweeper in Illinois, which was first purchased in Boise, Idaho in 1913 right after a demonstration. For Boise's street commissioner, the selling point was the amount the city would save. A horse-drawn sweeper would cost $2,716.77 more. Patents to an enhanced version of the original sweeper were not filed and issued until 1917.
It was in the 1970s, however, when the street sweepers received a major upgrade. Until then, the sweeper can only collect large particles such as fallen leaves and various urban refuse. The roads looked neat, but they remain dirty with smaller particles that mix with rainwater when showers come.

Therefore, it was the need to minimize pollution in water collected by storm drains that pushed the street sweepers of today to be more sophisticated and effective as they are now able to collect small particles of debris. Nowadays, Elgin street sweepers are also equipped with water tanks and sprayers to help the sweeping devices to reduce dust. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bolstering a Sweeper Broom’s Longevity

A look at any Vactor truck will help you identify a number of common parts. These include the hopper of sizes dependent on the truck model, the hopper lift system, and the side and main brooms. However, the last two are the most active in the entire setup because of frequent contact with the surface. When the sweepers are the only ones capable of cleaning an entire area, keeping the brooms bristling for a long time takes a high priority.
The first and most important item on the maintenance list is to never scrimp on service options – meaning you never get similar but cheaper brushes from any seller aside from the truck’s supplier. In this respect, inspecting the filaments makes a difference because poor-quality filaments will only increase the wear rate.

Take time to look at the broom linkages to make sure they follow road contours – and reduce the wear and tear on the brushes. Have the operators familiarize themselves with the proper adjustment angles for the brushes; such may be possible if the truck actually had controls to help fix the angle on the fly. That's why some experts say that the sweep crews should practice on certain surfaces.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Sewer Inspections And Home Purchases

Maximum jetting efficiency can be achieved with the right sewer nozzles for the cleaner. Haaker offers a variety of brands such as KEG Technologies, ENZ USA, Vactor OEM, etc.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Vactor Trucks: Part of a Storm Water BMP

Subterranean storm water management systems like StormChamber require the use of vacuum trucks on a regular basis for sediment removal. Its patented sediment trap design involves getting up close with the truck's huge nozzle to remove the debris and prevent contamination of rainwater. The result is clean rainwater for residential and commercial buildings to use, cutting on water consumption. Thus, the way experts see it, vacuum trucks are an integral part of a storm water BMP.

In some cases, the vacuum truck may siphon debris out of a sacrificial chamber, a section dedicated entirely to trapping sediments. This won't have any effect on the quality of rainwater collected since the water needs to make a hard turn to make it to the inner chambers, leaving the sediments behind. Fortunately, a vacuum truck's nozzle can reach deep enough to access the sediment trap, which is located deeper into the ground than the sacrificial chamber.

The frequency of maintenance for storm water management systems depends on the frequency of rain in the area. Obviously, the more frequently it rains, the more frequently trucks will have to deploy to storm water chambers to clean them. As the truck performs the work, on-site contamination is lessened since the operator is less likely to go into the chambers unless necessary.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sewer Cameras and Inspection Equipment

Every homeowner who seeks the services of plumbing companies expects complete results. They do not want to have to deal with a recurring problem, particularly after someone had been called to work on it already. Any company who wants to develop and maintain a reputation for good service, therefore, has to conduct a thorough inspection of their customer's sewer system to fix problems at their source.

An effective examination has to reveal the condition of pipelines and other materials that make up the sewage system. The best way to achieve this is by using sewer cameras and other equipment that can go deep into pipelines. There are many different types of these from various suppliers, but the most effective ones at gathering information are those that are maneuverable and flexible enough to go through even the smallest pipes and navigated deep into pipelines of any size.

Some of the most reliable sewer cameras today have multiple lenses that can cover much of their surroundings and can illuminate dark areas to take clear photos. Other kinds of inspection equipment perform other functions like measure pipe diameters, detect corrosion, and determine debris volume. Be sure to contact companies that have a proven track record for giving only the best advice and tools so that your home can be protected from damage.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Importance of Proper Trash Disposal

In developing countries, where trash collection is still handled manually, there have been several news stories done of people who actually live in landfills so that they can collect salvage material that they can sell to junk shops. However, a lot of what people throw away can be very toxic and unsafe for direct human handling, and in some cases, they can cause diseases if not properly handled, especially if they come from industrial sources. Although recycling can help reduce our garbage problem, it should not come at the cost of human lives. 

Keeping cities and towns free of garbage is extremely important not just for the obvious purpose of sanitation, but also because waste left on the streets might end up clogging drainage systems that would eventually cause flooding. Today, heavy-duty street sweeping vehicles and other types of cleaning equipment are used to hasten jobs that people traditionally had to do with brooms and hoses, making the job easier and more structured than before. 

However, as cities expand and the population grows, the volume of garbage produced every day also increases. Fortunately, technology is constantly working on solutions for quicker methods of collection and disposal, and if developing countries can secure the funding necessary for these machines, perhaps they can improve their city cleanliness enough such that no more children have to develop diseases such as malaria or tubercolosis.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Pump Dump: Utilizing Vactor Trucks for Floodwater

Heavy floods are devastating calamities and they can cause so much damage to entire communities. Water damage can ruin furniture and appliances, and electronics will surely break upon exposure to the liquid. To make matters worse, floodwater usually isn't just composed entirely of water; all sorts of debris, such as mud, sludge, and garbage are normally taken along, and having your skin exposed to that can be a health hazard on its own.

Waiting for floodwater to dry out can take too long and can aggravate the damage in a house. By the time it recedes, it may be too late for homeowners to salvage anything useful. It only takes several days for moisture from dirty water to encourage mold growth on the walls.

This is why communities should have a vactor truck handy to relieve residences in case of such occurrences. These vehicles have massive vacuum machines strapped in them, which can be used to suck out the sludge brought about by floods. After absorbing the liquid, the trucks can then be driven off to another location where the waste can be disposed of. Vactor trucks are built to be tough, and can handle even small solid debris. Users, however, should still be careful about operating one despite its durability.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Providing Solutions for Sewage Cleaning Problems

One of the most stressful problems for anyone is the issue of proper sewage disposal. It is a huge clean-up project that involves a host of health concerns that can affect the whole community. This problem can also be expensive to address because it requires a trained workforce and heavy equipment, and this cost is only getting higher as fuel and other material costs are on the rise.

If your budget isn't prepared for such emergencies, you'll be facing a huge problem that can affect your entire community. Fortunately, vactor trucks that can be rented can handle the work easily for a reasonable price, whether you're just an individual homeowner or a large industrial factory.

Of course, not every company that provides this kind of service has a proven track record for service and efficiency. Not all sewage cleaners can handle the biggest jobs because some of them may not have equipment that is heavy enough or their crew isn't trained for such things. Thus, for you to get the best possible deal that is right for your needs, you have to do your research about the many sewage cleaning services and see which one of them comes out on top.

Friday, September 13, 2013

What To Know When You Rent Vactors

Vactor trucks are a great way to get all the gunk out of tight places like sewer pipes. Their industrial-class construction and immense suction power will always be effective when you need them. However, since acquiring one can practically cost an arm and a leg, certain vactor providers allow leasing their vehicles to interested operators. There are some hurdles to jump when doing so.

First, take note of the provider's daily or hourly rental rates, which covers expenses such as fuel, piping, elbows, and hoses. The client operator should also have a Class-B driver's license with approval for Tank and Air Brakes, along with a customer credit line that will be taken into account when the rental will be made on credit.

The Vactor rental provider also plans insurance for their vehicles. In this respect, you'll have to provide a certificate of insurance stating that the vehicle will be insured for liability and damage coverage worth $1 million and comprehensives of up to $1,000. At the same time, the provider should be marked as the recipient of any loss payments, with the unit's engine number and VIN being noted, as well.

Renting a Vactor truck is essential when you only want one for a short-term cleaning job. It also helps your employees gain experience in handling them. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Street Sweepers: Efficient Cleaning Systems

Keeping the city or town streets clean is everyone's responsibility, not just the municipal authorities'. Every home has a piece of road to keep clean, and it's the homeowner's responsibility to prevent the mess from clogging the waterways at a desperate hour. For a more thorough cleaning job, however, the municipal authorities deploy street sweepers to collect even the tiniest debris and stop them from tainting the water the city or town uses. Street sweepers may be slow and a bit noisy, but they get the job done.

Street sweepers are bristling with brushes underneath them, which are designed to collect particles a normal broom may not be able to collect. Spinning brushes collect more dirt and particles, as the vehicle slowly moves along the road. A pair of sweepers narrow down the line of dirt and dust, while a third sweeper at the back collects and disposes of the dirt and dust on an internal conveyer belt. The heavy scrubbing action ensures that cleaning is thorough.

Mechanical brush sweepers are just one of several kinds of street sweepers in use today. Technology gives the street sweeper other variants designed for cleaning even tougher messes such as oil leaks and other viscous substances. Not only are these street sweepers used on miles of roads, they are also used in parking lots and the tarmac of airports. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

How to Prolong a Street Sweeper Broom's Life

The brooms are the most essential parts of any vacuum truck. These make contact with the surfaces that require cleaning but don't quite get much credit in a sense despite being on the case every day the sweepers are out on the streets. With the wear and tear that goes with everyday use, here are some tips on how to make them last.

The first and most important pointer is to equip your Vactor truck with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. These may cost you a tidy sum, but they're made to last. Check if all broom linkages are in working order, as they reduce the wear and tear on the brushes.

Downward force of a vehicle allows it to stay on the ground but at greater strain on the tires; the same principle applies to the brushes. Some experts recommend adjusting the brushes to a downward tilt of five degrees and an outward tilt of five degrees to provide optimum surface contact without subjecting them to excessive stress.

The brushes are a Vactor truck's bread and butter. Taking care of them, among other parts, will enhance the vehicle's efficiency and keep the city streets as clean as it can.  

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How Powerful are Sewer Cleaners?

Sewer cleaners suck, literally. They take the stickiest and most hard-to-dislodge grime and debris from sewers using raw suction power from its powerful engines. They help keep the sewers of cities and towns clean, and prevent flooding that could've resulted from the things that get stuck inside sewers. On the other hand, how well can these sewer cleaners do their job?

It depends on the type of motor the truck runs on: positive displacement (PD) or fan. They both can draw a lot of water and sludge per minute, although the PD model runs far better than the fan. Many PD-type sewer cleaners can move 5,000 cubic feet of water per minute (cfm), with the smaller PD-type units rated at around 2,000. There's no specific figure for fans, but suction power can be estimated by the horsepower, in which the PD has the upper hand.

To put it into perspective, imagine you have a pool 30 feet wide and 60 feet long, with depths between 3 and 10 feet. Doing the math, the pool can hold up to 11,700 cubic feet of water. Now, if you have a PD-type sewer cleaner move all that water out of the pool, it will only take the cleaner roughly two and a half minutes. That's how powerful these cleaners are. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Modern Cleaning Equipments Like Sewer Nozzles Helps Authorities Maintain the City's Cleanliness

Industrial sewer nozzles and other modern sewer cleaning tools solved the recurring foul odor that has been plaguing the residents of Linwood, Michigan for years. It was last April when authorities hired technicians to inspect the condition of the sanitary sewer lines. They found out that the pipes were in relatively good condition except for some cracked and chipped portion in some areas.

Come May, good news came to the residents of Linwood as Tom Paige, director of Bay County Department of Water and Sewer, spearheaded the necessary cleaning of the sanitary sewer pipes using new chemical and industrial cleaning tools that prevent buildup of bacteria.

The residents were then encouraged to be knowledgeable how sewers work and how they can help maintain the cleanliness of pipes and sewer lines. Sewers and pipe lines need to be checked by reputable sewer cleaning contractors or plumbers at least once a year.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Make Full Use of Sewer Cameras in Guarding your Drainage Systems

Plumbing works are never easy as mistakes can cost you your life. Tragic deaths have been recorded caused by suffocation mostly while doing repairs or maintenance work in the drainage system. The cases of Bernice Weaver and Steve Webb set an example, where they died in the middle of some plumbing work.

Even with this realization, you can't just ignore your drainage system. And with modern technology such as sewer cameras eliminating human intervention, guarding sewage systems will never have to be hazardous. The case mentioned above is also one reason why plumbing companies are demanded to use modern equipment and enforce stricter safety measures to avoid worst case scenarios.

Haaker Equipment Company is amongst the plumbing companies that use sophisticated equipment to provide quality service and to protect the welfare of their plumbers as well. This measure should be realized by more if not all plumbing companies to prevent mishaps and ensure fast delivery of service.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Used Street Sweepers Neaten Grime-filled Streets

People living in Belfast, Ireland have become discomfited with the dragging action of the government in response to dirty streets, especially in the prime shopping areas. The dirty and fugly appearance of the streets defiles the reputation of the said locations. These corners are far-famed among the tourists, which is why traders and retailers want the Belfast's street to be squeaky clean. Authorities see mechanized used street sweepers as a solution.

These machines are capable of restoring the beauty of the streets because they can get rid of dust, stains, and debris with little human effort. They are equipped with various mechanisms such as mechanical brooms, sprayers, water tanks, and vacuums, making the whole cleaning process fast and efficient. Individuals must still act prudently however.

With the presence of these specialized vehicles, it doesn't mean that they can nervelessly throw their trash on pavements. They still are still responsible in keeping their surroundings clean.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Make Spillage of Offensive Liquids Vanish With a Reliable Vactor Truck

People usually feel relaxed during Friday because they can finally feel the long-awaited weekend – the time when they can unwind. But in Jon Allen's case, he doesn't have time to get lazy on a Friday. Part of his job as a Longmont's code enforcement inspector is to supervise the neighborhood; check if a certain area is draggled and needs cleaning.

Paint spills occurred in the locality on two consecutive Fridays. He and his team were fortunate for having vactor trucks in their work. It made the situation easy for them because these trucks have the power to clean sewers and drains even in the messiest conditions. Despite that, residents must still be responsible in keeping their properties clean.

Not only the place they're living in, but with the entire neighborhood as well. On the one hand, authorities must allot a portion of their budget in acquiring and maintaining vactor trucks. These machines help a lot in keeping the streets tidy since they make the cleaning process less gr

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sewer Cameras Aid in Monitoring and Resolving Sewage Problems

Sewer cameras are very helpful to both a homeowner and a plumber in resolving issues in a draining system. For the tremendous amount of usefulness these gadgets possess in detecting specific drainage issues and identifying problem areas within the system, they are, surprisingly, not very complicated devices.

Advances in camera technology and computing in general have made possible this very helpful and waterproof gadget. The issue it was designed to address is simple: to have the ability to observe drainage systems from within; the solution, it turns out, is just as simple: attach a camera that's small enough to probe through the insides of pipes to a handle that could be made to twist and turn as it travels through the insides of a sewer.

Most cameras used in inspecting sewers provide clear images in color by having LED lighting attached to its end. Images captured from an inspection with sewer cameras are also saved and can be used immediately in fixing the sewage problem and stored for future reference when a similar problem arises in the same area.

For larger sewage found underground in big cities, a more stable camera that is similar to security cameras are permanently installed. This type of sewage camera minimizes the necessity of sewage workers to descend the hazardous environment of underground sewage for inspections.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Street Sweeper in the Fight Against Dirt

A neighborhood is a place where one can revel in the beauty of surroundings unblemished by waste, debris, and other undesirable elements. Alas, not every citizen is responsible; some refuse to go out of their way to dispose of their trash even if doing so would benefit him and his neighbors. Fortunately, law-abiding individuals are not alone in their battle against filth; they have street sweepers to aid them in ridding the world of dirt.

As its name suggests, a street sweeper is a machine designed to clean streets. The earliest version of this amazing gizmo was first seen in England during the 1940's, and was made to help maintain aesthetic goals and safety in the area. Presently, the street sweeper has just become more dependable, as it can now scoop up even the tiniest bit of matter that pollutes the various avenues in places all over the globe.

The street sweepers' primary weapons are water tanks and sprayers, which loosen particles and reduce dust. With these installations, the trusty device can efficiently clear areas of materials that can cause health problems and lower the quality of living in certain locales. All these, however, can only be achieved with trained street sweeper operators.

The street sweeper has gone a long way since its conception. It may have undergone a lot of developments, but it still remains steadfast in its advocacy. Indeed, the street sweeper is a valuable ally in the war against filth.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Brief Look at Properly Maintaining a Vactor Truck

A major community's public sanitation department in dire need of cleaning up sewage will consider it in their best interest to operate Vactor trucks. These usually pack hefty machines designed for raw power and vacuuming ability. However, no two Vactors are really the same, and there are several considerations to make in choosing which model is actually tailored to the cleanup duties in your community.

When you're in the market for a Vactor, it is important to consult a company sales representative to help flesh out the right specifications for your preferred machine. Some experts suggest vetting machines using the so-called “80-15-5%” rule; the truck should meet the proper specs to work 80% of the time, with the remaining percentage dedicated to maintenance or upgrades.

It is inevitable that a vactor truck will be out for some maintenance downtime. Consider planning for the vehicle to be operational for no more than ten years under a full-service maintenance program. Have your workers familiarize themselves with the operations manual and undergo the manufacturer's training and safety courses. The investment in the maintenance will help preserve much of the vehicle's resale value.

A Vactor sewer-cleaning truck produced according to your operational specifications can be touted as capable of handling the work required in your community. Careful maintenance and training will help stretch the value.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sewer Cleaning Truck: Cleaning Power on Wheels

What has eight wheels or more with a huge tank, a powerful nozzle, and a large hose reel in front? The answer is the (arguably) biggest sewer cleaning machine ever designed on a truck chassis; a truck capable of keeping the sewers clean with less effort. It's what every municipal utility service needs to manage the vast sewer network. This truck lets 475 hp of suction power speak for itself.

The sewers feature some of the nastiest stuff you can imagine (and probably more): sludge, solid waste, stink bombs, and so on. Most of these materials are also the toughest to remove, especially by traditional means. The sewer cleaner truck is a testament of power, a beast that can dislodge even the toughest waste materials lurking deep in the sewers. A single truck can perform the job of an entire sewer cleaning battalion, as well as countless buckets and drums.

When you see one of these trucks in action around a nearby manhole, you're certain that the sewers are being kept clean. After all, a clean sewer is a healthy and free-flowing one; the kind of sewer needed to maintain the ideal quality of living. Thanks to the sewer cleaning truck, a handful of people are now capable of cleaning a wider sewage area. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Dealing with Home Sewer Problems

If you notice a leaky faucet at home, would you immediately call on a plumber? Chances are, you'd do the fixing yourself in the hopes of saving some money. You'd probably just need a wrench and other basic tools anyway to tighten some loose connections here and there—et voila!—problem solved.

While a leaky faucet often only needs a do-it-yourself fix, some plumbing systems require more professional attention. The perfect example for this would be the sewage system. You should never attempt to fix the sewage system yourself, and always refer to professionals any concerns you have with it.

Fixing the sewage system could be a messy—not to mention smelly—job. In the first place, you'd not know where to find the problem and how to remedy it. An ordinary homeowner like you also wouldn’t have the tools needed. Plumbing experts, on the other hand, would not only know how to determine the cause of the problem, but would have the necessary equipment to both inspect and repair the sewers. Their services may be costly, but you don't have to worry about your money going down the drain because these experts could surely flush your sewage problems away.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Mechanical Street Sweeper: The Cleaning Superman

It is the responsibility of the homeowners to keep their homes clean for their families. Usually, they rely on the good ol' broom or mop to do the job, or if they want to be more advanced, the standard vacuum cleaner. Sometimes, they would call on the services of professional cleaners who are equipped with steam cleaners, which are believed to be more effective in cleaning off dirt and stains from all types of surfaces.

Meanwhile, when it comes to keeping streets clean, that responsibility falls on the shoulders of the city government. In this case, however, typical vacuum and steam cleaners are not enough for the job. What they must depend on are powerful mechanical street sweepers which can clean surfaces at a faster rate than vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners. These street sweepers come in the form of trucks that are handled by an operator.

The equipment works under the same principle as of a broom and a mop—albeit more advanced. First, all the dust and dirt from the streets are swept off thoroughly; afterward, water is sprayed and then a vacuum component is activated to make sure all the remaining wayward particles are off the road surfaces. All the dirt that is swept off is collected effectively in the street sweeper's hopper element and then dumped in a designated area.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why Buy OEM Parts for Vacuum Trucks?

Vacuum trucks are vehicles with heavy duty vacuums that pump both wet and dry materials. The most common application of this vehicle is in the construction industry, where it is used to eliminate contaminated soil and waste water. While many companies choose to rent vacuum trucks, others prefer to buy it so they can maximize its use. However, even new trucks depreciate in time and sooner or later, you may need to replace certain parts. Since vacuum trucks are a huge investment, you should only buy original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts to preserve the quality of the vehicle.

Whether you need check valves, ball valves, aluminum suction tubes, or vacuum debris hoses, it's almost always a guarantee that you'll get quality products for your truck as long as they are OEM parts. These are made exactly for your vehicle's specifications, so there's no need for any modification. OEM parts generally last longer, so you can delay the depreciation of your vacuum truck.

To make sure that you are getting genuine OEM parts for your truck, do a little research on the brand. For instance, the vactor trucks have one specific supplier for OEM parts in particular regions, so if another company is claiming otherwise, this should be enough to raise suspicion. Always run a background check on the company via business bureaus and consumer directories.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sewer Cleaning: A Dirty, Difficult Job

Cleaning sewer lines and drainage pipes is quite literally a dirty job, but it is something that needs to be done in order for a city or a home to continue functioning. Aside from going up against the obvious “refuse,” what makes the job difficult is that cleaners have to be extra careful when working with sensitive pipes. One wrong move and they can create a rupture or crack that can lead to a much bigger mess.

This is the reason why conventional cleaning tools like scrubbers or mops are usually replaced by clog hoppers, water jet coolers, plungers, and drain rooters. Oftentimes, pressurized water is used in lieu of scrubbers to wash away impurities without the risk of damaging the sensitive parts that make up a sewer system. More modern cleaning techniques make use of robots and cameras to reach parts of the system that prove too small for humans to fit into.

With all these hardware, carrying the cumbersome equipment into the sewer system provides another difficulty. Luckily, specialized vehicles like sewer cleaning trucks provide all the standard cleaning gear as one big machine, streamlining the job and making it more efficient. Humans are still needed to do much of the manual labor though, which makes sewer cleaning a job that still gets hands dirty.