Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sewer Cleaning Truck: Cleaning Power on Wheels

What has eight wheels or more with a huge tank, a powerful nozzle, and a large hose reel in front? The answer is the (arguably) biggest sewer cleaning machine ever designed on a truck chassis; a truck capable of keeping the sewers clean with less effort. It's what every municipal utility service needs to manage the vast sewer network. This truck lets 475 hp of suction power speak for itself.

The sewers feature some of the nastiest stuff you can imagine (and probably more): sludge, solid waste, stink bombs, and so on. Most of these materials are also the toughest to remove, especially by traditional means. The sewer cleaner truck is a testament of power, a beast that can dislodge even the toughest waste materials lurking deep in the sewers. A single truck can perform the job of an entire sewer cleaning battalion, as well as countless buckets and drums.

When you see one of these trucks in action around a nearby manhole, you're certain that the sewers are being kept clean. After all, a clean sewer is a healthy and free-flowing one; the kind of sewer needed to maintain the ideal quality of living. Thanks to the sewer cleaning truck, a handful of people are now capable of cleaning a wider sewage area. 


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