Monday, July 1, 2013

Sewer Cleaning: A Dirty, Difficult Job

Cleaning sewer lines and drainage pipes is quite literally a dirty job, but it is something that needs to be done in order for a city or a home to continue functioning. Aside from going up against the obvious “refuse,” what makes the job difficult is that cleaners have to be extra careful when working with sensitive pipes. One wrong move and they can create a rupture or crack that can lead to a much bigger mess.

This is the reason why conventional cleaning tools like scrubbers or mops are usually replaced by clog hoppers, water jet coolers, plungers, and drain rooters. Oftentimes, pressurized water is used in lieu of scrubbers to wash away impurities without the risk of damaging the sensitive parts that make up a sewer system. More modern cleaning techniques make use of robots and cameras to reach parts of the system that prove too small for humans to fit into.

With all these hardware, carrying the cumbersome equipment into the sewer system provides another difficulty. Luckily, specialized vehicles like sewer cleaning trucks provide all the standard cleaning gear as one big machine, streamlining the job and making it more efficient. Humans are still needed to do much of the manual labor though, which makes sewer cleaning a job that still gets hands dirty.


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