Friday, September 20, 2013

Pump Dump: Utilizing Vactor Trucks for Floodwater

Heavy floods are devastating calamities and they can cause so much damage to entire communities. Water damage can ruin furniture and appliances, and electronics will surely break upon exposure to the liquid. To make matters worse, floodwater usually isn't just composed entirely of water; all sorts of debris, such as mud, sludge, and garbage are normally taken along, and having your skin exposed to that can be a health hazard on its own.

Waiting for floodwater to dry out can take too long and can aggravate the damage in a house. By the time it recedes, it may be too late for homeowners to salvage anything useful. It only takes several days for moisture from dirty water to encourage mold growth on the walls.

This is why communities should have a vactor truck handy to relieve residences in case of such occurrences. These vehicles have massive vacuum machines strapped in them, which can be used to suck out the sludge brought about by floods. After absorbing the liquid, the trucks can then be driven off to another location where the waste can be disposed of. Vactor trucks are built to be tough, and can handle even small solid debris. Users, however, should still be careful about operating one despite its durability.


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