Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Importance of Proper Trash Disposal

In developing countries, where trash collection is still handled manually, there have been several news stories done of people who actually live in landfills so that they can collect salvage material that they can sell to junk shops. However, a lot of what people throw away can be very toxic and unsafe for direct human handling, and in some cases, they can cause diseases if not properly handled, especially if they come from industrial sources. Although recycling can help reduce our garbage problem, it should not come at the cost of human lives. 

Keeping cities and towns free of garbage is extremely important not just for the obvious purpose of sanitation, but also because waste left on the streets might end up clogging drainage systems that would eventually cause flooding. Today, heavy-duty street sweeping vehicles and other types of cleaning equipment are used to hasten jobs that people traditionally had to do with brooms and hoses, making the job easier and more structured than before. 

However, as cities expand and the population grows, the volume of garbage produced every day also increases. Fortunately, technology is constantly working on solutions for quicker methods of collection and disposal, and if developing countries can secure the funding necessary for these machines, perhaps they can improve their city cleanliness enough such that no more children have to develop diseases such as malaria or tubercolosis.


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