Saturday, August 24, 2013

Modern Cleaning Equipments Like Sewer Nozzles Helps Authorities Maintain the City's Cleanliness

Industrial sewer nozzles and other modern sewer cleaning tools solved the recurring foul odor that has been plaguing the residents of Linwood, Michigan for years. It was last April when authorities hired technicians to inspect the condition of the sanitary sewer lines. They found out that the pipes were in relatively good condition except for some cracked and chipped portion in some areas.

Come May, good news came to the residents of Linwood as Tom Paige, director of Bay County Department of Water and Sewer, spearheaded the necessary cleaning of the sanitary sewer pipes using new chemical and industrial cleaning tools that prevent buildup of bacteria.

The residents were then encouraged to be knowledgeable how sewers work and how they can help maintain the cleanliness of pipes and sewer lines. Sewers and pipe lines need to be checked by reputable sewer cleaning contractors or plumbers at least once a year.


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