Friday, November 29, 2013

Sewer Cameras for Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

It may not be the first priority of potential home buyers, but real estate agents and plumbing contractors alike say that conducting sewer inspections proves to be beneficial in the end. The initial cost may be pricey than the usual home inspection, but it minimizes the chances of having unexpected plumbing issues. During the inspection, technicians will remove the toilet and insert a 150-foot sewer snake camera to identify drainage issues. Customers who want to have a copy of the monitored pipeline expedition may be charged with an approximate amount of $29.

The usual drainage problems detected by sewer cameras include damaged pipes, intrusive tree roots, and faulty pipe connections. There are cases when pipes buckle under 16 feet of backfill and may eventually break over time. Broken pipes make the sewage flow into the ground and lead it back to the house, causing the toilet to overflow. Needless to say, sewer inspections can save home buyers a great deal of money since replacements of pipes can cost as high as $20,000.

Sewer cameras come in different types, with each corresponding to a particular pipe length and diameter. Experts say that the wire and camera need to be narrow enough in diameter than the pipe that will be inspected. When choosing waterproof sewer cameras, opt for the ones with optimum protection to resist the heavy water pressure in a pipeline.  


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