Friday, January 3, 2014

The Usual Suspects: What Causes Sewer Clogs?

The purpose of Vactor trucks and similar equipment is to fix the problems posed by clogged up sewage systems. Such problems are recurring, however, and that’s many states have set rules on what can be flushed down a drain. So what kinds of waste materials can block sewers, exactly?

For one thing, kitchen waste like excessive amounts of food fat and grease are the usual culprits and they can also pose a danger to your drain pipes and sewage system. Another common item that homeowners throw down their garbage disposal bins are fruits and vegetables. While many of them will actually go down nicely in your garbage disposal and through the sewage, starchy vegetables like potatoes, pumpkin, corn, plantains, as well as stringy ones like celery, asparagus, and artichokes might not do so well. They could even add to a clog.

Chicken, pork, lamb or beef bones should also not be thrown down the drain, although there are other food items that might seem innocuous at first but are actually harmful to your sewage system. Fruit pits, rice, coffee grounds, pasta, and even eggshells can all cause clogs. Contrary to popular belief, paper products like tissue and baby wipes don’t always dissolve when flushed down the toilet, and that can result in even more blockages.


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