Monday, June 15, 2015

Street Sweepers for Sale for Municipal Sweeping Programs

Street sweeping is carried out in a planned and organized manner on America’s streets. Different regions in the U.S. follow their own street sweeping guidelines and standards based on factors like demographics, population density, and vehicle density. On March 16, the nation’s capital commenced its street sanitation program which will run through until the end of October. The D.C. government’s Department of Public Works will use mechanical sweepers of various sizes to sweep residential and arterial streets. The DPW’s street sweeping program operates in densely populated areas with high-volume traffic. To implement this program, the government will be using two types of cleaning equipment. Litter vacs, or sweepers the size of golf carts, will be used on gutters and sidewalks. Larger sweepers will be used on freeways and main arterials.


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