Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Many and Varied Uses for the Versatile Vacuum Truck

Civilization is underpinned by several critical vehicles that are often easily overlooked by the average person on the street. One such vehicle that vies for the contender of most unsung hero in modern-day society is the vacuum truck. It is true that the majority of individuals would not realize what a vacuum truck is or does if they walked or drove by it on the roadside, and probably even if they saw it quietly and humbly doing its duty. Yet despite this lack of understanding and appreciation for vacuum trucks, they perform a great variety of services and dirty, unpleasant jobs on behalf of a several different industries and many government agencies. Governmental Agency Uses for Vacuum Trucks Cities and municipalities employ vacuum trucks for a critical infrastructure functionprovided by companies like Haaker Equipment Company. They utilize them to empty the waste from cesspits, municipal portable toilets, sewer lift stations, and sewers.


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