Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Most Vital Parts Vacuum Trucks Must Have

Vacuum trucks such as those manufactured by Vactor are only good depending on the quality and quantity of their equipment. Operators would do well to have a sizable stock of spare parts and gear to address any maintenance issues that these heavy-duty vehicles will encounter throughout their service lives.

Vacuum tubes and vacuum tube extensions are extremely important since they give vacuum trucks their purpose. These parts should be chosen based on the amount of suction power they can accommodate. Their durability should also be put to the test when sucking large debris. Some vacuum tube extensions from Vactor are even manufactured using aluminum to save on weight without sacrificing the other two attributes.
Pipe racks are another piece of equipment all vacuum trucks should have and have to be reliable enough to keep their contents together during a bumpy ride. Preferably, the racks should use a special locking system that makes the pipes easy to retrieve, as well. Extra sewer tools like hose grabbers and debris scoopers are also important should a cleaning job requires a hands-on approach.

Although not a requirement, special equipment should also be considered in order to improve the vacuum truck’s productivity and make it more versatile. Vactor, for example, offers a complementary "F.O.G. Buster" system specifically designed to clean sewer lines clogged with fats, oil, and grease (hence the acronym). 


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