Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Why Your Neighborhood Needs Street Sweeping

Roads in any community collect dust, debris, and garbage almost every day. From garbage scattered by stray animals to soil and mud left by passing vehicles, roads are in a constant battle against dirt and its harmful effect. Dirt and debris not only make roads look messy, but they can also degrade their integrity. Furthermore, garbage left on the roads can go straight into the drainage system, either clogging the sewers and causing floods or emptying into the nearest river or lake.

This is where street sweeping becomes highly necessary. Normally, this type of service is a responsibility of the public works or transportation department, scheduling it on a regular basis. However, there are instances when street cleaning must be done off schedule due to excessive garbage collection such as after a parade or any outdoor celebration.

Street sweeping was originally done by human street sweepers using brooms and other cleaning tools. To improve efficiency, street sweeping trucks are used, especially when dealing with huge volumes of garbage. Mechanical street sweepers take on large amount of street dirt in a short period. They are often used in big cities where collection of garbage on roads are more common, although some rural communities also need their service during special occasions.


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