Thursday, June 30, 2016

High-Tech Sewer Cameras and Ways to Keep Plumbers Safe on the Job

There are about 470,000 plumbers in America right now, and the industry is projected to grow about 4% this year. This is hardly surprising, though. After all, how many people are willing to stoop over a clogged toilet bowl to fix it themselves? Plumbers face occupational hazards each time they perform repairs. Making sure that they are safe is of utmost importance. Use Technology A lot of times, plumbing problems are caused by obstructions in the pipes. For common pipes, such as those under the sink, determining the cause of obstruction should be no problem. However, when the issue involves sewer lines beneath the home, things can get a bit trickier. Luckily there are companies that rent out or sell sewer cameras to help take the guesswork and risk out of the equation.


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