Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Vactor Truck Rental Offers Cost-Effective Sewer Maintenance Solution

If you’re a city or municipal official, you’re either aware of the headaches that sewage spills can cause. After all, raw sewage carries a horde of pathogens and can cause irreparable damage to your residents’ properties. Luckily, preventing these incidents can be as simple as conducting weekly or monthly cleanings to prevent gunk from building up around sewer walls. Even better, there are now specialized equipment such as Vactor trucks that uses high-pressure water pumps and strong vacuums to clear out sewer blockages. That being said, such equipment, while a worthwhile purchase, is a considerable investment, and is a luxury that many districts do not have. Luckily, there now companies that offer Vactor truck rental services to make these efficient machines accessible to more clients. Here are just some reasons why renting a Vactor truck may be a great option for your city or town.


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