Thursday, May 15, 2014

How High-Quality Sewer Cleaning Tools like Nozzles Keep Pipes Clean

One of the key pieces in sewer cleaning is the use of high-quality sewer nozzles. First developed in the 1950s, sewer nozzles were initially rounded pieces of steel with drilled holes. However, as researchers and inventors learned more about the relationship between pressure and flow ratio, the simple, round nozzle evolved and gave rise to hundreds of nozzle types.

Today, drain and pipeline cleaning professionals take their pick of nozzles based on the jet angle they need, water flow required, and the kind of blockage or debris they are dealing with. It’s been said that about 10 different nozzles may be used to successfully clean a particular area in a sewer line. In fact, experts recommend that cleaning operators invest in a few (no more than a dozen) versatile sewer nozzles and learn their proper applications.


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