Saturday, May 17, 2014

Why Sewer Cleanup Is Important

Have you ever wondered where the water ends up after you brush your teeth or use the toilet? Depending on the type of sewer system your home’s sewer is connected to, you can assume that that wastewater trickles down into your city’s main sewer system. This water is then directed to a sewage treatment facility, go through several treatment stages, and then finally released back to the river.

This sounds easy but taking into consideration what can happen over time in the sewers, you can’t help but have a “the glass is half-empty” perspective. What if the sewers get clogged? What if tree roots reached them and start to trap water? What if not all of the wastewater is treated and the sewers are left filthy and then a flash flood occurs?

These questions actually lead to pretty messy answers. However, your local government has sewer cleanup in their priority list. They make sure that the pipes conveying the city’s wastewater are in good shape to ensure no sewage comes flowing toward anyone’s backyard.

To do such a massive task, they normally rent heavy-duty sewer cleaning trucks or Vactor trucks. These are vehicles with built-in parts that can efficiently rid the sewers of any materials that can block the wastewater’s path. These vehicles make plumbers’ pretty messy job a lot easier and less risky to their health and the health of those households within the perimeter.


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