Thursday, May 8, 2014

Inside Look: How Does a Vactor Truck Work?

You can say that a Vactor truck is similar to a vacuum cleaner in more ways than one, which is why learning the inner workings of a vacuum cleaner also gives you an idea on how Vactor trucks work. However, Vactor trucks won’t be popular to utility and maintenance crews all over the world if they only functioned as a household appliance on wheels.
For starters, Vactor trucks tend to employ two motors instead of one: the first motor helps in the driving function of the vehicle, while the other one provides power to the vacuum pump itself. A single motor can be used for both applications, but it has to be very robust and reliable for both purposes. The vacuum pump’s motor also powers the truck’s water jet system which is used for softening up or clearing out debris.

Typically, a Vactor truck uses the water jet first before employing the vacuum pump, which is very practical because harder objects require more suction power from the pump. More power, in turn, causes the motor to consume more fuel or energy. In most Vactor truck models, both the water jet and vacuum systems are enclosed in the boom of the truck, which in turn provides reach and flexibility.


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