Friday, May 23, 2014

The Different Functions of a Street Sweeper

Street sweeper trucks hold the important function of cleaning roads and streets that people drive or walk on. While a very simple and straightforward purpose, the street sweeper use many tools to fulfill this. Water sprays, vacuums, and brushes, are among the mechanisms for tidying roads. Other versions even use jets of air to remove dirt and debris from the road.

Some sweepers use highly pressurized air to suck dirt from the street. The sweeper’s vacuum system then conveys the dirt into a tank or a bin for later disposal. Every local government have procedures drawn up to ensure proper disposal. Some cities like Tampa in Florida even has a facility to sort actual dirt from trash so it can be used to cover landfills.

Other sweepers use rotating brooms and brushes to sweep up the dirt and debris from the ground. Some of these also feature a water-spraying system to spray water on the roads after collecting dirt and trash from the ground. Some Elgin street sweepers though utilize a waterless dust control system for water conservation purposes.

The street sweeper is quite versatile for a vehicle that’s primarily designed for cleaning. Aside from ridding the streets of dirt, it is also capable of removing environmentally hazardous elements like oil and smoke. While these vehicles are costly if organizations were to purchase them instead of renting them, they will still turn out to be worthwhile purchases because of the benefits they offer.


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