Sunday, May 4, 2014

Picking the Right Sewer Nozzles for High-Pressure Waterjet Cleaning

Among this wide array of sewer cleaning tools, it is vital to get a basic debris remover. Carefully note the nozzle’s number of jets beforehand; along with the jets’ sizes, the gallons per minute (GPM) that the truck can churn, the hose length, and the preferred operating pressure. As a general rule, do not work at maximum pressure – in fact, end hose pressures of 850 to 950 Psi are enough. Suppliers themselves can also provide information, so be sure to ask them about the product.

Drilled or replaceable nozzles are all you need for smaller, 3 to 6-inch sewer lines. On the other hand, bigger pipes need the right truck to go along with the nozzle, to ensure enough GPM is produced. More GPM means bigger jets and more powerful cleaning. Rounded nozzles with 4 to 8 jets are enough for 8-inch to 15-inch sewer lines. For pipes larger than 15 inches, a nozzle known as a bottom cleaner is preferred.


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